Western Dissident Status

Whores of Avignon

Cy Shelby has been harassed by police, thrown in detention and driven out of Amnesia. “Relevant art must be political.”

By using his art as a weapon to challenge the cultural domination of western imperialism, he’s become one of the most successful contemporary artists in the world.

Some of his work can be offensive. But most journalists find him self-deprecating with a wry sense of humour. The last person you’d expect to be an enemy of the state.

By enhancing his celebrity through publicity stunts, he’s made it easy for the West to mock his dissident status.

He’s accused of being a narcissist more in tune with the whims of foreign admirers than the interests of his own people.

Despite being outspoken and refreshingly transgressive, he can easily be dismissed as a charlatan by state media in Amnesia. []


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