The Rabble Rouses

The lumpen proletariat have been denied ways
to make a living without crass exploitation.

They’re forced to accept the grind of menial
poorly-paid jobs or resort to breaking the law.

Thieves, con artists, drug pushers, hackers,
prostitutes, loan sharks, beggars and thugs.

The general crisis of capitalism, reinforced by
cheap migrant labour, swells the lumpen ranks.

Neoliberalism increasingly displaces wage-earners
and small proprietors from the productive process.

It prevents disaffected proles from bothering to
find jobs, unable to accept severe market forces.

The lumpen proletariat doesn’t include those who
are unemployed, break the law or challenge order.

Those at the bottom of the heap have adopted
illegitimate means to undermine authority.

They probably number around ten percent in most
capitalist-driven economies. They’re the displaced.

The most impoverished and oppressed should be
the most revolutionary section of the population. []

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