The Nuclear Family & Capitalism

The nuclear family functions to promote values.

Ensuring the reproduction and maintenance of capitalism.

The family should be seen as an ideological apparatus.

It socializes people to think in a way that justifies.

Inequality and encouraging people to accept.

The capitalist system as fair, natural and unchangeable.

There’s a hierarchy in most families which teaches children.

To accept there will always be someone in authority.

Whom they must obey, mirrors the hierarchy in later life.

Capitalist bosses want to keep workers’ wages down.

So they can make a profit. Workers are recycled as consumers.

The base for cultural conditioning is the nuclear family.

Parents should guide their children. Dampen consumerism.

Do you want to be a cog in capitalism’s wheel?

A rat on its treadmill? Use your imagination.

Do you want to grow up to be a follower?

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