See Through

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The sun also rises in working-class culture. He patronised primitives.

What if he weren’t recognised? He gets more than most.

It’s the drive. Give us daily discernments. We’re quality folk.

I mean, who the fuck do you really want to reach?

How many admired his perception? Without doubt you don’t.

Can it be used to describe the process of determining god’s desire?

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Boys in Blue

Sep 23 2013 Published by under Anti-Capitalism,Class War,Media Propaganda

The police ranks mostly consist of working-class bigots who strut in uniforms. Set one group of disadvantaged against another.

Divide and conquer. Make endless cop series for TV consumption. Praise the Lord for the boys in blue.

The police are the strong arm of the state. The state decides who is a threat. The ‘scum’ need to be severely punished. The police implement the policy.

The main aim of the capitalist state is to protect the property rights of the affluent. It entails using brutal force to create a spectacle.

Riots happen. The state demands the blood of participants. The police ranks relish the job. They are traitors to their own class. Social authoritarianism comes with the badge.

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