Smug Burgher

Sep 04 2014 Published by under Anti-Capitalism,Bourgeois Democracy,Class War,Faction

Hatred of the bourgeoisie is the beginning of wisdom.

The bourgeois is a self-righteous philistine, a dignified vulgarian, a product of triteness and mediocrity.

The intellectual Left serves its purpose as part of the cultural fabric of late capitalism. It satisfies the burgher’s need to believe he isn’t bourgeois.

They may be decent and respectable but lust for profit ensures the proles remain patties of ground meat.

Conservative and materialistic. Preoccupied with respectability and convention. Characteristically mediocre and unimaginative.

The tortoise is shown as a smug burgher with his foot on the hare, too corpulent and conceited to move.

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See Through

Nov 06 2013 Published by under Abstraction,Avant Prose,Iconoclast










The sun also rises in working-class culture. He patronised primitives.

What if he weren’t recognised? He gets more than most.

It’s the drive. Give us daily discernments. We’re quality folk.

I mean, who the fuck do you really want to reach?

How many admired his perception? Without doubt you don’t.

Can it be used to describe the process of determining god’s desire?

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