Jack Russell Yap

Jun 10 2015 Published by under Class War,Contemporary Culture,Satire

Jack Russell has gone through a radical shift over the past few years. From bad-boy celebrity to heavyweight intellectual/political agitator. The working class lad from Finsbury Park has used his wit, insight and verbal dexterity to challenge the establishment. He’s Jack-the-lad from the terraces, ya-booing the bosses.

While Russell maintains his cultural roots, he speaks the same language as the elites. He has read their books and mixed in their circles. It’s made him a dangerous adversary and genuine threat to the status quo. Why? Because people are listening to him. His passionate plea for change has had a bandwagon effect.

Come on! You must be joking. I reckon it’s just publicity-hungry Jack Russell seizing an opportunity to try and rejuvenate a flagging career. It appears that his inflated self-obsessed life-style will be an essential part of the revolution, frequenting expensive boutiques, always the model of excess consumption.

Russell is best known for his high-profile celebrity relationships and comedy career, where he mines a dark history of addiction into laughs. His call for revolution might be good for his image but it’s not going to change anything. He epitomises the gallop towards nothing more important than me. []

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