The Spectacle of Democracy

By the start of the 21st century US presidential elections had become the supreme bourgeois myth.

They sold “democracy”, called military invasion “humanitarian intervention” and justified drone attacks to “combat terrorism”.

This was the spectacle of democracy, one that every four years renewed a pact with US imperialism and gave it the moral audacity to impose its will on the world.

This was the spectacle of a presidential election. Like Roland Barthe’s bottle of wine selling health and happiness, it sold “freedom and democracy”.

It increasingly looked like a massive commercial, spread over a year or more and given blanket coverage by the capitalist media.

It was the commodification of democracy. Always ‘new and improved’, it had become a glorified soap opera. This surreal show, this exercise in lies and illusions, was near its end.

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Here’s the Situation

Liberation by the creation of open-ended, participatory situations.

Develop a critique of the global spectacle-commodity system.

Reject all morality and legal restraint.

Fight for the abolition of work, total subversion and a permanent worldwide revolution with unrestrained pleasure as its only goal.

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