Put the Id in Ideology













An ironic god saves us on his digital cloud.

What do you think I think you need me for?

Cool, origin, etymology.

Don’t pity others. It’s condescending and sentimental.

Attack those who dominate ideology

Can I go a day without contracting auxiliary verbs?

He spawned a generation of misfits.

Give them fast food and spectacles. Keep the sheep passive.

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The Spectacularization of Culture

It was a culture dominated by electronic media, consumption and surveillance, reducing most to neutered spectators.

Theorists focused on the social construction of reality. Subjectivity was a cultural construction rather than natural.

This led to an understanding of how particular forms of social organization created a manipulated consensus.

For example, Hollywood created subjects [patriarchal-capitalist) to maintain existing socioeconomic production.

Spectators reconstructed themselves as individuals, undetermined by history and social formations.

They were free to choose commodities and life-styles by seeing themselves as separate from others.

The crux of this theory depended on an epistemological reversal of humanism: from subject-as-cause to subject-as-effect.

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Insurrection: Bourgeois Democracy

Potential delinquents can rest assured that as long as they keep quiet they will in most cases be allowed to survive. Capitalism has become sufficiently concentrated and interlinked with the state to distribute ‘welfare’ to the poorest.

What we’re really demanding is not to survive but to live. We have nothing of our own. Our status comes from rebellion against the entrenched capitalist system.

We laugh at the use of the word democracy in western cultures. This is a false talisman. Only fifty per cent of a population bothers to vote, the majority of whom are bourgeois.

Their rule is described as ‘popular government’ or ‘democracy’. An élite skillfully uses propaganda and symbols to manufacture consent.

Capitalist countries have no ‘democracy in general’. All that exists is bourgeois democracy. The most democratic bourgeois society is no more than a machine for the suppression of the working class by the bourgeoisie.

Bourgeois democracy is a cover for brutal exploitation and oppression, a facade to conceal the dictatorship of the bourgeois ruling class.

The rabble are anger and rioting. We have a hatred of work and deep resentment towards the privileged.

We see ourselves as the exploited layer of society. We rebel against the ‘civility’ of bourgeois culture. We hate the social ideology that keeps us in our place.

What ARM demands is freedom from alienation. This means the total subversion of society. It’s increasingly evident that delinquents are forced to use insurrection as a means to the end.

Adapted by Ed Strong from The Situationist International Anthology (Revised and Expanded Edition, 2006). No copyright.

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Insurrection: Capitalism & Hierarchy

Capitalism divides and conquers by creating constant conflict. Since the world of the commodity is based on class conflict, the commodity itself is hierarchical.

The necessity for the commodity to be both universal and hierarchical leads to a global class system that privileges the bourgeoisie.

The commodity is constantly extending its domain and creating new forms of hierarchy. It may pit labor leader against worker or distinguish two car-owners with artificially different models.

This is the original flaw in commodity rationality, the sickness of bourgeois reason. One which has been inherited by the bureaucratic class, handed down by middle-management clones.

But the repulsive absurdity of certain hierarchies, and the fact that the entire commodity world is directed blindly and automatically to their protection, leads people to discover that every hierarchy is absurd.

The rational world produced by the Industrial Revolution has liberated individuals from their local and national limitations and linked them on a global scale.

But it irrationally separates them once again, in accordance with a hidden logic that finds its expression in commodified ideas and grotesque values.

Estranged from their own world, people are everywhere surrounded by strangers. The barbarians are no longer at the ends of the earth, they are among the general population.

They have become so by their forced participation in the worldwide system of hierarchical consumption.

The veneer of humanism that camouflages all this is inhuman, the negation of human activities and desires. It’s the humanism of the commodity, the solicitous care of the parasitical commodity for its human host.

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Drive, He Said







Propaganda Times: Celebrating Rose-Tinted Spectacles

Are you part of the Fuck Fastbuck Campaign? Start by never clicking ads on your page.

Pubic hair has an evolutionary function. It conducts plumes of sex pheromones into the atmosphere that signal a female’s readiness to reproduce and critical information about male and female genetic qualities.

To think what you thought yesterday bears any resemblance.

‘Come’ is both a noun and a verb, referring variously to orgasm, to the semen produced by the male orgasm, or even to vaginal fluids produced by sexual intercourse.

This represents a sublimation of sexuality. A familiar track on my flash drive.

Impotence, artistic obsolescence and a warning against pretension.

No more narrative fiction. A series of unfinished texts. The vagueness of ‘Pieces’ represents the inadequacy of all representation.

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