Here’s the Situation

Liberation by the creation of open-ended, participatory situations.

Develop a critique of the global spectacle-commodity system.

Reject all morality and legal restraint.

Fight for the abolition of work, total subversion and a permanent worldwide revolution with unrestrained pleasure as its only goal.

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Inside the Spectacle

Jan 11 2015 Published by under Contemporary Culture,individualism,Social Media

The situationist philosopher Guy Debord claimed our entire culture had become a form of performance or ‘representation’.

Sixty years after his analysis, mass culture is mediated by images and commodities. We are now immersed in serial spectacles.

The distinction between the symbolic realm and the realm of reality has been erased. They appear the same when networked by the mass media.

TV merges a proliferation of different images into a single plane of digital spectacle, creating a consciousness which operates solely according to the programming and structuring of televised media.

The spectacular shifts from its theatrical origins. It now carries with it issues of class ideology and modern subjectivity.

With the shift into modernity, the traditional notion of spectacle as a visual and affective medium becomes a more complex phenomenon.

The spectator not only watches but also participates. He becomes the modern or post-modern subject who adds to the performance by expressing emotion.

Inside the spectacle, avidly watching reality as spectacle. The simulacrum is the truth which conceals there is none.

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