Put the Id in Ideology

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An ironic god saves us on his digital cloud.

What do you think I think you need me for?

Cool, origin, etymology.

Don’t pity others. It’s condescending and sentimental.

Attack those who dominate ideology

Can I go a day without contracting auxiliary verbs?

He spawned a generation of misfits.

Give them fast food and spectacles. Keep the sheep passive.

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The Spectacularization of Culture

It was a culture dominated by electronic media, consumption and surveillance, reducing most to neutered spectators.

Theorists focused on the social construction of reality. Subjectivity was a cultural construction rather than natural.

This led to an understanding of how particular forms of social organization created a manipulated consensus.

For example, Hollywood created subjects [patriarchal-capitalist) to maintain existing socioeconomic production.

Spectators reconstructed themselves as individuals, undetermined by history and social formations.

They were free to choose commodities and life-styles by seeing themselves as separate from others.

The crux of this theory depended on an epistemological reversal of humanism: from subject-as-cause to subject-as-effect.

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