Too Much Masculinity

Right-wing ideas that liberal elites are actively corroding deeply held traditional values — including traditional gender roles.

For those who spend excessive airtime worrying about the emasculation of men, the kind of strength portrayed by Russia’s leader fits the bill. Forget the dewy-eyed version of Ukraine.

The consequences for women and girls are dire. The majority of men believe showing signs of weakness and submission, whether at home or in public, is disgraceful. Most men say women should adhere to traditional gender roles, like cooking, cleaning and caring for children. Men go to violent lengths to enforce this division.

One in ten Ukrainian men believe that women should tolerate violence to keep their families intact – to devastating effect.Each year over a million women become victims of gender-based violence – though the actual figure is likely much higher, since only an estimated 30 per cent of women come forward to report it.

Financial dependence, fear of stigmatization and a sense that domestic violence is ‘normal’ all contribute to women’s silence.



An ideology combining left-wing politics.

With populist rhetoric and themes.

Its essence is anti-elitism.

Opposition to the Establishment.

Speaking for the common people.

Recurring themes for left-wing populists.

Economic democracy, social justice.

Skepticism of globalization. Socialist theory.

A lesser role than traditional left-wing ideologies.

Criticism of capitalism and globalization.

Linked to anti-militarism, which has increased.

Left populist movements as a result.

Unpopular US military operations, including.

The proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Populism constructs the political by stimulation.

The underdog rises against the existing status quo.

It brings together different demands in opposition.

To a common enemy. Populism articulates identities.

Interests and needs barely mentioned in passing

Almost exhausted political establishment.