Get a Rise Out Of








The good consumer’s guide to being guided.

Nothing’s left to ambiguity. Give us our formulation.

Discovered, celebrated, put down.

You get to wear the spurs for a couple of jumps.

You’ve been brought up to fall from favour.

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In Praise of Self-Disapproval

The wounded self develops a scab. I want to pick it to pieces.

He sent her a get-fit card. You make my gorge rise.

You may mock me. I’m incurably cold-hearted.

The self improves by sometimes calling out.

You’ll never be ready with all this dressing up.

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Get a Rise out of You

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Like Branding Cows








One of the most significant political shifts in the late 20th century was the steady decline of collectivist ideas in favour of the almost complete rule of self above others.

Politics was dominated by the Freudian concept of individuals as cyphers who responded to conditioning based on self-interest, greed and the need to feel superior.

This explained the rise of consumerism fuelled and directed by corporations determined to commodify, package and sell anything that enhanced narcissism.

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