Save the Beaver!

Mar 15 2015 Published by under Faction,Life on the Web,Sexual Media

The disappearance of pubic hair on women tells us something about contemporary female sexuality.

A new generation of college women who want to take in the casual carnality of the hook-up scene need to be be ready for sex, to be hip, cool and in the know.

They’ve seen the super models who are freshly waxed before putting on expensive bathing suits and lingerie.

It’s like designer accessories. Every girl wants to have a Louis Vuitton bag, along with that super-wax job.

If young women have a casual, un-waxed sexual encounter, they’re afraid it might ruin their reputations.

Actually, they’re striking a pornographic pose, one that first appeared in the hard-core porn films that have increasingly shaped the sexual imagination of legions of young men.

The eye of the hard-core porn camera hovers over female body parts. It’s a visual excess of physical acts with a minimum of sentiment. It’s not a love story.

Porn displays pubeless ‘babes’ to emphasize the female genital slit and the erect male shaft, now the standard of erotic desirability.

As pubic hair has disappeared on screen guys want sex with girls who look like the porn stars they fantasized about. They ask and women strike the pose.

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