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Like looking for the whistle in a wheat field.

Is the search for belief believable?

While waiting for godot.

A lot of groping but no intercourse.

Belief is believing you’ve found it.

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Drive, He Said

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Propaganda Times: Celebrating Rose-Tinted Spectacles

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Pubic hair has an evolutionary function. It conducts plumes of sex pheromones into the atmosphere that signal a female’s readiness to reproduce and critical information about male and female genetic qualities.

To think what you thought yesterday bears any resemblance.

‘Come’ is both a noun and a verb, referring variously to orgasm, to the semen produced by the male orgasm, or even to vaginal fluids produced by sexual intercourse.

This represents a sublimation of sexuality. A familiar track on my flash drive.

Impotence, artistic obsolescence and a warning against pretension.

No more narrative fiction. A series of unfinished texts. The vagueness of ‘Pieces’ represents the inadequacy of all representation.

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