The Sex Toy to Try

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Mystic Wand Silicone G-Spot Attachment

The Sex Toy to Try If You Want to Get the Job Done

The Hitachi Magic Wand is probably the world’s most liked, foolproof vibrator. It’s reliable, it’s strong, and it feels like no guy ever has or will be able to.

So, what’s the problem? It plugs into an outlet, making it not-so-portable or convenient to whip out at a moment’s notice.

This is where its newer, younger cousin comes in. The Mystic Wand is battery-powered, keeping you prepared at all times.

With stronger vibrations than most battery toys, it should be in everyone’s toy box!

A high-quality motor features six different vibration modes that let you choose from mild, strong, and stronger vibrations.

There are three pulse intensities with indicator lights, an easy-to-control button on the handle, and a separate on/off switch.

Its white silicone head features textured bands and a mobile neck that has the same kind of “give” as Hitachi’s famed original.

While you’re at it, try the Mystic Wand with the Mystic Wand G-spot Attachment. The 100% silicone attachment gives focused G-spot (or prostate) stimulation.

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Thinking in Monochrome

Aug 15 2014 Published by under Abstraction,Briefs,Contemporary Culture,Doubt

The mouth between a sneer and a scowl.

The artist ahead of his time grapples with doubt.

Those who recycle the past preen with confidence.

Is the search for belief believable?

While waiting for full stop.

Like a lot of sex but no orgasms.

Belief is the search for it.

Like nothing happening again.

We believably look for belief.

Belief is believing you’ve found it.

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