Seductive Power of Young Girls

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“Schoolgirls can have sexual agendas too.”

When Debbie was 11, she’d started taking private piano lessons. Her teacher was a married man in his 30s, and he gave lessons out of his home while his wife was away.

Debbie was desperate for affection. She thought her piano teacher was very handsome. She cuddled up to him on the piano bench, eventually working her way up to sitting on his lap.

One day, she felt his erection pushing against her. Debbie had secretly read her mother’s copy of The Joy of Sex. She knew what an erect penis meant.

She was delighted to discover he was turned on, and began to move around on his lap. Her teacher moaned and clasped her tighter. Deborah said that it felt really good.

When it was over, he sent her home angrily. But he didn’t cancel their next lesson. Soon she was in his lap again.

Their sexual relationship only ended when Debbie and her family moved away.

In this case, a girl was the pursuer and her teacher the pursued. That she was a preteen and he in his 30s was irrelevant to her.

She claimed that sometimes girls were stronger than grown men. She seemed to remember the relationship with pride.

She felt her teacher was powerless to resist her. “He always told me it would never happen again. But it always did.”

The idea that adult men might be powerless to resist the charms of a seductive teen (or even pre-teen) girl is confirmed.

We must face the possibility that girls might be responsible for seducing adult men.

It’s called the Lolita Syndrome. Pubescent girls have the power to sexually arouse men much older then them.

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Redhead Lolita

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As part of our approval of sex between teenagers, they will be given free condoms from the age of fourteen. It’s sure to outrage sexually repressed, right-wing zealots.

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