Social Media False Democracy

Mar 07 2015 Published by under Anti-Capitalism,Contemporary Culture,Social Media

Social media platforms have been hailed as an opportunity to expand democracy. This is nonsense. They reinforce the hegemony of democratic rhetoric.

Social capitalism both materializes and commodifies democratic ideals and aspirations in ways that strengthen and support globalised neoliberalism.

The contemporary ideological formation of social capitalism fetishises speech, opinion and participation, rather than serving as an opportunity for progressive political and economic change.

The proliferation, distribution, acceleration, and intensification of social media result in a deadlocked democracy incapable of serving as a form for progressive political and economic change.

We think we’re active but our true position, as embodied in the fetish, is passive. This incapacity is linked to the left’s failure to challenge democracy and its unwillingness to reinvent genuine participatory forms.

When democracy appears as both the condition of politics and the solution to the political condition, then neoliberalism can’t be exposed as the violent ideology it is.

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Bourgeois Democracy

Jan 12 2015 Published by under Anti-Capitalism,Bourgeois Democracy,Class War,Extraction

Bourgeois democracy is a cover for brutal exploitation and oppression, a facade to conceal dictatorship by a ruling class.

Its ideology instils concepts of pure democracy, democracy in general, equality, freedom of speech and universal rights.

Yet there remains an impoverished class who are ground down as a result of capitalist wage-slavery.

The mass of people are conditioned to believe in endless wars which are called humanitarian interventions.

This is a lie covering naked aggression and exploitation of resources, including the availability of even cheaper labor.

The capitalists and profiteers grow fat on the property and wealth usurped by them and the ready-made apparatus of state power.

The bourgeoisie are compelled to be hypocritical and to describe their rule as popular government or democracy.

These variations are euphemisms for the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, the dictatorship of the exploiters over the exploited.

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