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Most people are gullible. They are engrossed by the spectacle. A few see through it. It gives us a sense of superiority. It’s good to be at odds with.

It’s naive to maintain hope in ‘democracy’. There’s a ruling political party with two or more factions within it.

We may think we have a choice but it’s only one between wafers and cones. Politicians as pedophiles trying to seduce us with ice-cream promises.

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Clockwork Democracy

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clockwork democracy

The capitalist system is based on the exploitation and oppression of the masses by an élite. Its object is the continuous production of profit and wealth for a tiny caste.

Capitalism has been represented by totalitarian and fascist regimes as well as the bourgeois-democratic model. The masses are persuaded democracy is synonymous with freedom.

Bourgeois democracy, as the representative expression of capitalism, is the political system that asserts and maintains its extensive domination from behind a liberal facade.

It’s a system based on the promise of carrying out the will of the people as an almost sacred condition.

This delusion allows the masses to vote once every four years. They elect a leader who plays the role of political idol.

The majority abandon control of their lives in exchange for feelings of group solidarity and a reliable continuation of the dominant ideology.

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