Spoilt Capitalism. Holy Trinity: Choice, Freedom and the Individual. Mantras. Outrageous Capitalism. Ravish. Ravage. Rapacious Capitalism.

Socialist Resistance is changing its political programme, perspectives and public profile towards being an anti-capitalist, ecosocialist organisation.

At the core of this change is our contention that free-market, privatising neoliberalism has reached a new and deadly phase. One we call obnoxious capitalism.

Under brutal capitalism, you can say anything you want if you still have the energy after breaking your back to earn a crust.

Poverty is created by the elite and then criminalized. Brutal capitalism fosters greed, ruthless competition and selfishness as conditions of survival.

Propaganda for the ethos of individualism, the central ideology of consumer capitalism. The forces of lockstep conformity, social segregation and workplace regimentation.

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