To Be Continued…

ISM: I Sell Myself
What are the chances of?
A Cult of One

Here Are the Headlines
Looking back in angst.
Sex, Lust & Fornication

Turn here for the worse.
How many isms make meaning?
I could’ve been a pretender.

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Can You Confirm That…?

If that doesn’t indict civilisation. We can’t do what we like.

On whose authority?

I live in a state of doctrinal mind. We’re supposed to think as one.

What’s the point of believing in change when we’re already conditioned?

He knows in his bones.

You won’t accept him because he doesn’t conform to your rigidity.

You’re looking for confirmation. I can’t give it.

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Blindly Following

These are obstacles we must be aware of and work zealously to avoid blindly following the programme.

Cultural conditioning is the process by which society’s attitudes and values are passed on to its members.

We’re the products of a particular set of circumstances. We’ve been significantly shaped by the customary beliefs, social forms and material traits of the setting.

The assumptions derived from this are so embedded in our view of things we’re unaware of them. Truth is that which we assimilate from authoritative voices.

We’ve inherited a package of common sense, accepted beliefs, social behavior, sexual roles, politics, religion and economics.

Blindly accepting such assumptions leads to selective perception, seeing only what were told to see. We cooperate to be like others, comfortable conformists.

Many people assume critical thinking requires objectivity, a dispassionate and impartial examination of the evidence that confirms or denies a position.

This too is part of our cultural conditioning. A belief in rationality, balanced opinion and attempts to keep an open mind.

None of us can be objective. Our perception of the way things are is dependent on the frame of reference.

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Petty Bourgeois Conditioning

They knew what was good, based on a lower-middle-class education which ensured conformity.

They trusted figures of authority [teachers, preachers, conservative media]. They became intent on reproducing the status quo.

The bohemian bourgeoisie disturbed their petty minds. Forefront artists who questioned established values became hate figures.

Those with deadened minds were determined to promote faith, family and fixed values.

A willingness to take risks was divided by class and age.

The conformists loathed what they saw as dangerous propaganda which promoted disbelief, doubt and sexual liberation.

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