To Be Continued…

Oct 24 2014 Published by under Avant Prose,Experimental Writing,Extraction,Simulation

ISM: I Sell Myself
What are the chances of?
A Cult of One

Here Are the Headlines
Looking back in angst.
Sex, Lust & Fornication

Turn here for the worse.
How many isms make meaning?
I could’ve been a pretender.

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Can You Confirm That…?

Sep 12 2013 Published by under Extraction,Iconoclast,The Conceptualist

If that doesn’t indict civilisation. We can’t do what we like.

On whose authority?

I live in a state of doctrinal mind. We’re supposed to think as one.

What’s the point of believing in change when we’re already conditioned?

He knows in his bones.

You won’t accept him because he doesn’t conform to your rigidity.

You’re looking for confirmation. I can’t give it.

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