It’s a relief to see women turning their backs on ambition.

Personal growth and self-actualization. They flout expectations.

Once hard-working and socially responsible, gravitating instead

Towards indolence and self-sabotage. They quit their jobs when.

Bored, rejecting stable relationships, unwilling to kowtow.

We should be celebrating this narcissism, fecklessness and sloth.

It’s liberating. Who among us has not wanted to ditch routine.

I’m tired of single-girl sitcoms of the past, following

Arc of the bildungsroman, in which the protagonist.

Ready to meet the challenges of becoming an adult.

New story lines are narratives of unbecoming, featuring.

Protagonists undermine their own growth and education.

Are more likely to be mired in failure than striving.

For wedding rings and corner offices. This is the crux.

Audiences expect cheery competence from women.Yet.

Tolerate laziness, violence and rule-breaking in men.

The female antihero is a profound threat to the status quo.

A time when women are being encouraged to rule the world.

The very least, expected to keep it together.

The unbecoming heroine is a timely reminder women needn’t.

Be responsible, self-improving and productive to be valued.