Tectonic Plate

The great divide continues. Stoking the differences between us.

You ask how do we fight past our partisanship to become.

Curious about the truth? Good luck with that. Constant polarizing.

Pressures of partisan media, deeply rooted cultural, historical.

Regional divides reinforces battle lines. All societal tensions.

Are consolidated into two competing camps.

America’s rigid, two-party electoral system collapses.

Wide range of legitimate social and political debates.

Constant squabble. Powerful alignment of ideology.

Race, religion makes America’s divisions unusually.

Encompassing and profound. We should be be more urbane.

Aren’t we here for the spectacle? Political provocation.

Rouses us. Designed for profit media jump on the bandwagon.

It gathers momentum. Advertising rates rise. Everyone.

Makes money. Chasing clicks and ratings fuels the fuss.

America’s tectonic plate. Followed by an earthquake? eg