To call US involvement in Ukraine.

“Proxy war” is a gross understatement.

The Ukrainian army has become wholly-owned.

Subsidiary of US military, which has armed.

Funded trained it as America’s fighting force.

Furthering war against Russia, waged.

Interests of a new world order. It subordinates.

Ukraine’s cause to global power-play.

America’s attempt to re-establish.

Global hegemony at the expense of Russia.

Even worse, at the expense of Ukraine.

What seems unimportant to Biden & Co.

The mounting Ukrainian deaths. These sacrificial lambs.

Die to maintain and expand America’s empire.

Imagine the bitterness in Ukraine.

When they realize how they’ve been played.


Western Censorship

All is not as it seems. Paradoxically, the recent military.

Success on the Ukrainian side has created difficulties.

For Western Imperialism and what one might laughably call.

The Peace Party. Several Ukrainian newspapers report.

Last week’s visit by US Secretary of State to Kyiv.

Message from Biden about the need to start.

Negotiations with Putin. We only have access to one side.

Russia-Western proxy war. No rounded view.

A complex issue an obviously biased narrative.

West justifies its political military interventions.

Spreading democracy freedom of expression. Yet, here.

There’s blanket censorship of Russian opinion.


Dustbin of History

From conservative to reactionary politicians [and commentators.

Like yourself] continue to invoke Churchill’s imagined legacy.

Prop up their political project. Seemingly every military.

Intervention and every call to tighten belts and accept austerity.

Is legitimized through an invocation of the “spirit of the Blitz”.

Or some other wartime bromide. At the core of Churchillism.

Is British nationalism, a weak and confused ideology lacking.

Since the end of the empire, any real unifying narrative.

Other than that provided by World War II. As a staunch.

Imperialist who was equally as keen to maintain class.

Hierarchies within the borders of the UK, it’s perhaps best.

Condemn Churchill to the dustbin of history. eg


Don’t Believe the Hype

Don’t Believe the Hype

“Democrats are tripping over their own boasts.”

We in the West have long been drawn to apocalyptic speculation, whether as an expression of religious faith or as outgrowth of secular and scientific anxieties.

With American popular culture becoming omnipresent, the news cycle endless, and political disputes more heated and intractable, it’s gotten increasingly difficult to be heard above the din.

Hyperbole is the rhetorical equivalent of screaming at the top of your lungs in a room echoing with noisy arguments and teeming with seductive distractions.

The more we shout, the less we hear. The more we exaggerate, the less we believe. And the more we hype the truth as we perceive it, the less likely we are to think anyone else has anything valuable to say.

Out of Order

Without a Will

Still stuck in a prologue without any play.

Are you the person I admire for following me?

How about a pitch for omnipotence?

I bring this to bear on you.

Is it wise to be well-informed? The way in which.

Power and influence comes with self-deception.

Its imaginative form expresses no meaning.

Must we decide as a rule? To run down in my area.

Have you thought of facing the possibility?

Focus on the masculine with a modal will.

Whether or not you’re wise to be on this course.

Imagine what it’s like without a conclusion.