Our Brave Nazis in Ukraine

There’s a well-hidden problem among the ranks of Ukraine’s armed forces: they display Nazi iconography and symbols including the “Totenkopf:” a skull associated with the infamous Nazi SS unit.

When the Western media concedes there’s a Nazi problem in Ukraine (even prior to the war), when the goal of Russia’s military operation is “De-Nazification,” and even the fighters on the side of Ukraine are willing to brandish Nazi imagery and slogans, one has to wonder – what will it take for Americans to realize their hard-earned money is being poured into the hands of Neo-Nazis?

Western media figures who beat the drums of war on the side of Ukraine attempt to paint the Nazi alignment as “Russian Propaganda.” If reality is staring you in the face, when does one fact stop being “Russian propaganda” and become a hard-to-swallow reality?

The media spectacle of the war has manufactured public support for Ukraine while attempting to block out inconvenient truths.

But, with Nazi imagery seemingly unrepentant, Americans who dare question the mainstream media war drive will have to ask – did the White House know about this? And if they did just what really is the United States government willing to do to maintain its slipping grip on geopolitics?


Escalation of US-NATO War Against Russia

Ukraine launched its long-planned offensive against Russian-occupied territory, throwing armored columns including NATO-supplied main battle tanks, against entrenched Russian positions.

According to information provided by Russian officials, which has not been contradicted by the Ukrainian government, the initial offensive has resulted in a series of military debacles for the Ukrainian armed forces.

The Russian Ministry of Defense released footage of columns of Ukrainian armor, apparently advancing without air cover in open fields, with disastrous results. The footage also depicted the destruction of a German Leopard 2 battle tank, according to the Russian government.

On Thursday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Ukrainian forces attempted to launch an attack near Zaporizhzhia but were repelled, losing 30 tanks, 11 armored fighting vehicles and 350 soldiers. He said Ukraine had lost over 1,000 troops over the course of 24 hours.

Later in the day, the New York Times wrote that US officials “confirmed that advancing Ukrainian troops had suffered casualties in the early fighting,” effectively conceding the truth of the Russian claims.

For months, the coming offensive had been hailed in the US media as a turning point in the war. Bret Stephens of the Times hoped it would bring “A crushing and unmistakable defeat” to Russia, while David Ignatius in the Washington Post said it would “turn the tide” in the war, proclaiming, “D-Day dawns for Ukraine.”

Given the belief of the US-NATO powers that the offensive would produce a staggering defeat for the Russian government, one purpose was to set the stage for the upcoming July 11-12 NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The meeting in Vilnius was conceived as a summit of victors, in which the battlefield successes of Ukraine were to serve as the basis of a whole series of ultimatums to Russia, including a full withdrawal from not only portions of Ukraine seized during the 2022 invasion, but also the Crimean peninsula.

These demands, made by the mobilized NATO forces, bristling with pre-positioned weapons along a massively extended border with Russia (following the accession of Finland to NATO), would have been backed up with the threat of force from a position of strength, aiming to impose a victor’s peace.

However, should the Vilnius summit take place under conditions of major setbacks and even a breakdown of the offensive, as at this points appears more likely, it will become the occasion for a massive further escalation of US-NATO involvement in the war.

What was conceived as a summit of victors may prove to be a summit of desperate governments prepared to take the most reckless actions to reverse the outcome of the war.


Macho Man

No surprise here. BS joins the tribe of American warmongers.

Good for you. Beating your chest. Masculine aggression.

War is one of the key means by which the US executes.

Its foreign strategy and achieves global hegemony.

It’s always had a militarization mentality, attaching.

Great importance to the joint machinations of military.

Alliances in the diplomatic field. Repeatedly relying.

War to achieve the strategic need to consolidate

It’s sphere of influence. Top gun.

Top dog, Randy Savage, Macho man.



Everything’s hype in America.

#MeToo Black Lives Matter to the recognition.

Proliferating gender identities.

What better way to sell new product.

Challenge progressive politics.

As American popular culture becomes omnipresent.

The news cycle endless, and political disputes.

More heated and intractable, it becomes.

Increasingly difficult to be heard above the din.

Hyperbole is the rhetorical equivalent of screaming.

At the top of your lungs in a room echoing.

With noisy arguments teeming with seductive distractions.

The more we shout, less we hear. The more we exaggerate.

Less we believe the more we hype the truth as we.

See it, the less likely we are to think anyone else

Has anything valuable to say. Everything and everyone.

Up for sale in America. Reaction disguises itself as edgy.

Transgression to draw attention to itself.


Clan Warfare

Can we dispense with with the rhetoric?

Freedom and democracy. American politics.

Requires a word as charged as clan.

What we now have is clan warfare.

The blind allegiances and huge passions.

Partisan affiliation. Clans demand loyalty.

They give us security of belonging.

Badges of identity. They make thinking unnecessary.

When the clans clash, it’s a political spectacle.

Tactics and rhetoric consume us, not the policies.

The dominant mood is anger verging on rage.

The state we’re in, the state we want.