Part of the Parcel

I don’t want to turn anything back.

Immersed in the rapture of rhetoric.

Don’t burden me! I’m ready to drop.

As a cat sits under the deckchair.

You’ve got to look round.

A sentence without object.

I’m mortal [he trowelled in soil].

Once he’s broken down. Lips lick [amino acid].

Could I be part of a protein?

The molecular biologist expanded.

What’s a metaphor?

We split into four social classes.

Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen.

We were known as the cohns.

Sound’s like another zionist plot to me.

I mean, why should they be sacrosanct.

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Social Media Slave Labour

Our leisure activity is increasingly exploited.

Free labour to generate profit is nothing new.

Print publishers’ main product wasn’t newspapers.

Attracting an audience sold on to advertisers.

The audience was passive. It didn’t provide content.

That has changed with new media. Users are unpaid labourers.

Labour defined as ‘value producing activity’.

Updating your status, liking a website, or ‘friending’.

Create socmed’s basic commodity. Marketing data about you.

To better target advertising you might be interested in.

It also creates an audience with you as content provider.

And all because you want to be liked.

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Republicans Fiddle. Democracy Burns

The Republican Party is salivating with joy.

Democrats might do something moderately humane.

Rather than putting children in concentration camps.

And ignoring the dirty facts of fossil fuels.

Republicans rapture. The faithful will follow.

Those they’ve turned into raging monsters.

Get them to attack communist agitators.

Flooding the country with rapists and murderers.

Fearing the white race will be wiped out.

You know the routine. Nothing to do with political debate.

Keep peddling junk theories. With Lumpen still at the helm.

Mobilize the mob. The paleskins’ last stand.

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In Place

Have you tried on yourself? You keep to the garden.

I’m in rolling countryside.You know the latin names.

I ruminate. But then I think highly of myself.

It’s obvious to me. As I do wouldn’t you?

Make sure the shield of activity.

If I did nothing I’d start to worry.

It’s part of the bourgeois constitution.

The pursuit of purpose with intensity.

The importance of earnest endeavour.

Is there no end of? Be patient.

We’re getting towards. That’s alright then.

I needed to know it was leading somewhere.

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Performing Seals at the Circus

She’s part of the professional tennis circuit.

A capitalist enterprise. Players are commodities.

Expected to keep consumers and bosses happy.

It’s not enough to focus on the exploitation of women.

We’re all in the circus, labour for the profit of others.

We have next to no free time. We’re expected to consume.

During our time off from the meat-packing factory.

Shop till you drop. Keep up your performance levels.

Media Moguls crack the whip. Clap your flippers.

With the development of techno-capitalism.

The exploitation of pleasure. Social life creates profit.

Feelings of freedom designed to make labour worthwhile.

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