Anarchy: Let’s Get It On















Anarchism is anti-authoritarian. No wonder they’re against it.

Metaphorically slaying the father-figure.

In this case, Big Daddy, fool on the hill.

His deployment of federal agents to Amnesian cities.

A continuation of bipartisan police repression.

He’s tapping into some of the darkest corners.

Far-right authoritarianism.

To stamp out the radical enemy from within.

This is a spontaneous uprising.

There’s nothing sinister about it.

Power puts down those against the established order.

Look at our outrage over their suppression of freedom

Oh dear, I slipped. Communism is evil. Democracy is benign.

I sometimes forget my lines in the script.

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Street Fighting Moms

Where’s class in all this? Suburban mothers one category?

Is everyone Middle Amnesian? Judging from the photo.

They look pretty middle-class. More likely Liberals.

If I were black I’d be suspicious.

Is this white appropriation of a black movement?

I’m sure they’re sincere. But ready for street fighting?

Protesters have chanted “This isn’t a riot, it’s a revolution.”

A wonderful phrase. How far are these women prepared to go?

At a certain point the liberal media will turn against them.

Let the bourgeoisie blow off steam.

It makes them feel good.

Provides purpose and a sense of progress.

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Throw the Dice
















I realise pundits on NET are expected to be upbeat.

Espouse tribal truisms. But naivety?

“This is not about the Amnesian people but about politics.”

For Goodness sake, when has it been anything else?

Elections are cash bonanzas.

Lobbyists pour money into campaigns.

Millions spent on advertising. Who wants to be a billionaire?

T-Rex is provocative. Chatter magnifies it.

Designed for profit media jump on the bandwagon.

It gathers momentum. Advertising rates rise.

Everyone makes money. The grace of god and capitalism.

A board game named democracy.

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One Man’s Fascism










We are approaching the endgame.

Liberalism’s full-frontal attack on T-Rex.

It comes precariously close to calling him a Fascist.

Amnesia’s catastrophe gets worse every day.

Recent events where the river runs.

Appear to be a strategic experiment in fascism.”

T-Rex says he wants to protect law-abiding citizens.

In 1933, Hitler issued his ‘Decree of the Reich

President for the Protection of People and State.’

National Socialism [a less charged word than Fascism].

An attempt to redefine socialism as an alternative.

Both Marxist international socialism and free-market capitalism.

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President Makes a Spectacle of Himself








The Carnival Barker has gone from Reality

TV staple to ageing rant-show host.

His pack of cards includes instability.

Disbelief and candified hyperbole.

The Media Star has done his best to undermine the real world.

Do we even know what that is anymore?

As media became obnoxiously fragmented.

He emerged as entertainment president commanding attention.

Welcome to the future. All is spectacle. It’s good for the ratings.

When the four-year-long polar night of his presidency.

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