Programmed to Consume

“consuming culture and all the rest.”

Social repression works in the west.

Through mass media, advertising and modes of thought.

Consumerism creates false needs which lure us.

The system of production and consumption.

The freedom of choice the consumer enjoys argues Marcuse.

Is bondage because the needs we’re looking for.

Are artificially produced by the economic system.

We work more to buy more, creating further entanglement.

None of us can resist consumption. The down and outs.

“smoke meth pipes next to Macy’s.”

The privileged flash credit cards inside.

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Pretend Otherwise

He left the platform. Another lesson over.

I assume this position to be different.

You probably think it’s perverse.

Let’s be reasonable about this.

I can hear my father now.

In response to my mother.

As she climbed out of the sink.

Let’s face it. If you’re black I’m white.

I haven’t got a set of mores.

Everything’s in response to you.

I’ve been called shallow and fickle.

I’m only using my imagination.

What to you do in your spare time?

I like playing with ideas.

Today inhabits yesterday’s insights.

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Put in His Place

Let your pupils adjust to the light. Before I start.

I want to know if you’re sitting comfortably.

You see, there’s this prolish acquaintance of mine.

She’s either pissed or remorseful.

Eats her way through the fridge then claims she’s on a diet.

She can’t keep a job but dreams of stardom.

I once reprimanded her. Pull yourself together.

Don’t be so bourgeois, she responded.

Start falling apart.

You’ve got to admit it, haven’t you?

She’s got a point. Who am I?

Telling others to get their acts in order.

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No More Padding

You’re a wonderful master, they cried.

You put it so clearly.

A parent appreciates praise from his children.

I’ve never thanked my father.

He’s always been the competition.

Well, since around I was born, I suppose.

I’ve always challenged his control.

I’ve just been doing a bit of reprogramming.

To the director. I want music round this

If I leave the choice to you could always.

Another idiom. He’s got cats in the conservatory.

Put him in a padded cell. All things being equal.

This speech displaces today’s bowel movement.

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Washing up

Take me, for example. Who owns this property?

I’ve got the copyright. It’s my shit.

But only for a limited time. What’s it after my death?

My recreation passes into company hands.

I’m working for royalties now, nothing later.

Why do we put up with it? Just to be noticed.

Capitalism minimally rewards the upwardly mobile.

If I wasn’t climbing I’d be less exploited.

I’d take some routine job without attention.

Get away with as as much as I could.

And leave it at that. Instead of which.

To improve your ranking, ingratiate yourself.

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