More Matter of Fact

I mean, a question of renown.

What’re you doing? Decomposing.

It gives me great pleasure. As in your vote.

The balance between ambition and principle.

I’m ahead so far as you recognise me.

Some composition! Everyone’s part of the parcel.

What’s this you’ve got in front of you?

We can’t bear his experience. How many bits make sense?

I’ve found more patterns that you’ve had intercourse.

Now I don’t bother. I’ll watch and scratch [remote control].

I don’t want your exaggeration.

May I quote you found it penetrating?

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Essence of Capitalism

We’re not an entitlement society. We are a reward one.

To thrive, you must work. If you don’t.

You forfeit whatever help the government deigns to give.

To shield ordinary workers from the market.

In the name of security or dignity.

Undermines and weakens the very fiber of society.

Capitalism runs on credit. It depends on faith in the future.

Banks lend funds beyond their cash reserves,

Expecting future repayment with interest.

Corporations do the same when they issue stocks and bonds.

Consumers pay by credit and housing heavily mortgaged.

Debt is capitalism’s engine of desire.

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Good for Nothing

If god made man. Who’s embraced conformity?

I don’t want to get on but down.

I feel superior because I’m less insecure.

I bring orders. I can’t take them.

Look at this this way. You’re in a market.

You see a jewellery stall. Find the piece attractive.

Who do you admire? The craftsman or his seller?

Where do management get the idea?

They may transmit but can’t make programmes.

Are you in control here? Don’t tell me not to worry.

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As If Family Matters

Don’t challenge me. I’m not your father.

Have it out with him.

How many daughters stand up to their mothers?

The chips we carry.

I recently went to a publisher’s garden party.

His children were demanding attention.

Their mother spent all her time.

Her husband talked about one of his writers.

Who’d recently bought a condominium in disneyland.

If that isn’t patronage.

As the villain asked. You need some muscle?

I’ll get one of my boys. Who’ll paint the ceiling?

There’s a queue of casuals in the yard.

How about this one? He’s well-hung.

I’ll put him out to stud.

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Frat Boys to Men

Batman and Robin have an unspoken love for each other.

Their skintight bodysuits reveal their manliness.

Batman embodies what lustful men admire. Tall strong dominant.

Robin’s role as Superbat’s submissive masculine counterpart.

They’re unmistakably devoted partners.

Implicitly homo-erotic in bondage.

Like countless men today. The locker-room banter.

Common when they brag among themselves.

A ritualized social practice which helps to maintain.

And reproduce a fratriarchal’ form of structural male dominance.

Frat boys fueled on alcohol. What’s wrong with the male?

Does he need the company of men to support his fragile ego?

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