The Situation We’re in

Amnesian politics have been transformed.

A spectacle with no regard for truth.

Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle.

A significant explanation of amoral posturing.

Plaguing us during the Lumpen era.

All mediation turns to spectacle.

The heart of this real society’s unreality.

The economy, politics and web culture.

Dominated by forms of performance.

The spectacle doesn’t just happen to us.

By giving it so much attention, we legitimise.

Reinforcing the spectacle in a vicious circle.

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Class Rules

How come whites and blacks at the same economic level?

Don’t unite. The reward of superiority given to whites.

Racism is a tool to divide and conquer. Capitalism.

Can’t bear a unionized multi-ethnic working class.

Rulers create differences to undercut the threat.

There’s the irrelevance of anti-racism.

It alleviates guilt among liberals.

It ignores the imbalance between rich and poor.

The focus should be on black and white inequality.

Class has been effaced by the debate about race.

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A Conformity of Experts

Faced with an acute awareness of our mortality
we’ve developed three main devices to keep us going.
Religious, Romantic and Creative. These illusions
act as temporary solutions to the problem of death.

An economy of auto-cannibalism has emerged.
Hollowing out cities and ravaging lives.
The ascendancy of neoliberalism premised
on gutting the industrial heartland.
Massive layoffs have become a key
to enhancing shareholder value.

Cultural enclosures are patrolled by experts
who decide the legitimacy of a cultural practice.
The list is long: museum curators, gallery owners,
publishers, editors, academics. critics, journal
ists and specialized journals. Complex structures
lie between economic production and consecrated art.

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The Irascibles

They were a group of Abstract Expressionist artists.

An open letter to the president of The MMA.

Protesting its exhibition American Painting Today.

It had no examples of Abstract Expressionist painting.

The group believed the show’s curators had promoted.

The most conservative kind of American painting.

Subsequent media coverage of the protest

And a now iconic group photograph, gave them notoriety.

Popularised the term Abstract Expressionist.

There was an uncomfortable accommodation.

The system of values under which the artists.

Laboured and their desire for career success.

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Old Habits Die Hard

Propaganda is about black and white.

Media propaganda uses allegory and constructs.

Polarized images to create ‘us versus them’ mentality.

Governments, media producers, advertising designers.

Use propaganda to convince, compel, and attract audiences.

We seem to be collectively stuck in the past.

Just as we did during the Cold War, we see ourselves.

Good-guy victims of an immoral opponent.

Now it’s Vladimir Estragon. The one-dimensional enemy.

The usual Weapons of Mass Distraction.

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