Western Dissident Artist

Search “western dissident artist”. One result: Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Auld Lang Syne has been constructed to appeal to the bourgeoisie. The exile, the misfit who fights communism and oppression.

He’s the postmodern Cold War dissident, a rare beacon of light who regurgitates freedom and democracy.

His blend of the holy-grail isms, minimal and conceptual, caters to a fine art sensibility. His work is both desirable and accessible.

China’s culture, people and governing ideology are sacrificed to Auld’s international acclaim as an artist.

The west’s dominant ideology embraces the dissident, so long as he’s from one of those awful totalitarian states.

Auld offers China up as fodder for our ideological reinforcement. To maintain conditioning the programme is regularly updated.

We visit art shrines to feel better about ourselves. By consuming the spectacle we’re doing the right thing for a good cause. []

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