Too Much Masculinity

Right-wing ideas that liberal elites are actively corroding deeply held traditional values — including traditional gender roles.

For those who spend excessive airtime worrying about the emasculation of men, the kind of strength portrayed by Russia’s leader fits the bill. Forget the dewy-eyed version of Ukraine.

The consequences for women and girls are dire. The majority of men believe showing signs of weakness and submission, whether at home or in public, is disgraceful. Most men say women should adhere to traditional gender roles, like cooking, cleaning and caring for children. Men go to violent lengths to enforce this division.

One in ten Ukrainian men believe that women should tolerate violence to keep their families intact – to devastating effect.Each year over a million women become victims of gender-based violence – though the actual figure is likely much higher, since only an estimated 30 per cent of women come forward to report it.

Financial dependence, fear of stigmatization and a sense that domestic violence is ‘normal’ all contribute to women’s silence.


Salivate When the Bell Rings

Marlène Schiappa, among many other things, has written.

“Is Russia Fascist? untangling Propaganda East and West.”

Such an easy slur. Like slinging mud.

By labeling ideological opponents as fascist.

Regardless of their actual values or actions.

Geopolitical rivals are able to frame their vision.

The world and claim the moral high ground.

How about publishing her views on propaganda in the West?

‘Our’ media churn out a daily boatload of anti-Russian propaganda.

Most Americans are conditioned to see it as truth.

There’s less dissent here than in Russia.

Against the war in Ukraine.

‘We’ are supine followers of the faith.

So well-trained we imagine freedom. Pavlov’s dogs.

Salivate when the ‘hate Russia’ bell is rung.

Declaring the victory of democracy, liberalism

The ‘free world’ against a Russia embodying absolute evil.

Reasserts certainty in the demoralised bourgeoisie.



Our congratulations to Column Nest leading Propagandist.

Can we put to rest this notion Russia’s invasion.

Ukraine was unprovoked? The West has been moving.

Russia’s backyard and threatening its core.

Strategic interests since the end of the cold war.

Root of this conflict was NATO enlargement

Central element of larger strategy to move Ukraine.

Out of Russia’s orbit and integrated into the West.

The EU’s expansion eastward and the West’s backing.

Pro-democracy movement in Ukraine, beginning.

Orange Revolution in 2004 were critical elements.

Since the mid-1990s, Russian leaders adamantly.

Opposed NATO enlargement. Made it clear.

Wouldn’t stand by while strategically important neighbor.

Turned into Western bastion of freedom under US rule.

For Putin, the illegal overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically.

Elected pro-Russian president which he rightly labeled.

Coup, was the final straw. this is conveniently forgotten.

In the West. Once the propaganda machine starts churning.

Everyone follows. No dissent in the West.



To call US involvement in Ukraine.

“Proxy war” is a gross understatement.

The Ukrainian army has become wholly-owned.

Subsidiary of US military, which has armed.

Funded trained it as America’s fighting force.

Furthering war against Russia, waged.

Interests of a new world order. It subordinates.

Ukraine’s cause to global power-play.

America’s attempt to re-establish.

Global hegemony at the expense of Russia.

Even worse, at the expense of Ukraine.

What seems unimportant to Biden & Co.

The mounting Ukrainian deaths. These sacrificial lambs.

Die to maintain and expand America’s empire.

Imagine the bitterness in Ukraine.

When they realize how they’ve been played.


Western Censorship

All is not as it seems. Paradoxically, the recent military.

Success on the Ukrainian side has created difficulties.

For Western Imperialism and what one might laughably call.

The Peace Party. Several Ukrainian newspapers report.

Last week’s visit by US Secretary of State to Kyiv.

Message from Biden about the need to start.

Negotiations with Putin. We only have access to one side.

Russia-Western proxy war. No rounded view.

A complex issue an obviously biased narrative.

West justifies its political military interventions.

Spreading democracy freedom of expression. Yet, here.

There’s blanket censorship of Russian opinion.