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The women in his childhood exclaimed at his cleverness.

Quoting his supposedly wise sayings to one another.

‚ÄúRemember what you said last time I was here? Tell me again.”

They called him adorable, cute, delicious, a genius.

They predicted a great future for him. Perhaps a lawyer.

One or two of his aunts and cousins whispered the furthest.

Could he one day be the first Jewish president?

Does that incestuous adulation explain his attitude to women?

He became a major wheeler-dealer in the music industry.

Thirty years at the top until the rumours become reality.

Dozens of women came forward, accusing him of sexual abuse.

He would invite young singers or dancers to visit him.

Perhaps a hotel room or office to discuss their careers.

Then demanded massages or sex if they wanted future work. []

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