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Taming The Avant-Garde

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Bourgeois contradictions in its period of decline.

The abstract principle of intellectual and artistic creation.

A resistance to the avant-garde when it first appears.

To compartmentalise artistic activity.

Once the rebel’s tamed readily exploited.

In the domain of culture the bourgeoisie strives.

Diverting the taste for innovation, which threatens stability.

Preferring degraded and harmless forms of novelty. []

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The Bourgeois Predicament

We’re condemned to regard our lives with deep ambivalence and intense feelings of guilt. We have comfortable routines, supported by rich institutions which enable us to pursue rewarding projects under conditions of freedom and reasonable luxury.

But there’s no unconditional affirmation. The ‘comfort zone’ is available only to those lucky enough to be in the upper reaches of wealth distribution. Our privilege depends on a global system of extreme social and economic inequality.

These class conditions are so objectionable they spoil the pleasures of privilege. Inequality threatens the value and meaning of our lives. This is the ‘bourgeois predicament’.

A system that gave everyone a decent standard of living would depend on reducing the disposable resources of the most affluent.

A Privilege Tax on the incomes of white bourgeois party members to help fund social programmes for minority communities. []

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