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Milk Splash

Published by under Satire,Sexual Media,Transgression

The penis curtain rises. Behind it a dildo pulsating under neon lights. The music thumps and thuds. a swelling in my chest and down below. Participating in the american phallic fantasy.

I hold on to a vodka bottle. The neck stem feels like the shaft of my penis. Her vagina is nowhere in sight. It never is when I need it.

The play continues. A semen-like substance drips to the floor. It’s milky white. One of the characters touches the seed. Still warm.

It reminds me of those creatures in The Naked Lunch, ejaculating and sputtering their honey-milk substance of heroin need.

She speaks innuendo, a ploy to offer sex, minor titillation with lascivious undertones. She slides her hands down to her crotch.

“Don’t you want me?” A cheap laugh, her tits are perfect, the nipples erect. I want to suck on them. I want to taste her milk. []

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