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Teenage Thrills

Remember this, children.

When you start practising among yourselves.

Girls, it’s your advantage.

You start masturbating earlier.

Let a boy watch.

I promise he’ll be in awe of.

Today’s feminism sexually asserts itself.
“You can’t come in until I’m ready.”

We do the picking up, take the lead, set the terms.
“Slow down, for fuck’s sake. I come first.”

We display our desire for men. Only then.
Passion shared life’s funky sweatshop. []

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If only I’d had a sense of duty.

How does head of the mental resources department?

See me in the cubicles if you want to challenged.

Sounds like a great idea

Just don’t expect its implementation.

A dreamer’s got nothing much doing.

I like running wild.

I can’t remain very long,.

There’s no place like home instead. []

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