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Yesterday’s Conceptualist

Who said it’s conservative to hang
on to yesterday’s conceptualists?

I’ll keep that in mind next time I find a
radical modern conceptualist to hang on to.

But hanging on to anything is conservative
isn’t it? That’s what my psychiatrist said.

Wise psychiatrist. But I
wonder what he hangs on to?

His Audi 5000 his beach house his
town house and his shares portfolio.

His collection of postmodern
paintings and his sanity.

He also has a collection of my briefs.
I pay him with tasteless renderings.

Pretty groovy huh at 300 bucks an hour?

I gave him one of my end times.
He couldn’t understand a word.

Depth was his professional cover.
For him a book that cant be read.

Does this make me radical,
modern and conceptual? []

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