American Sweat Shops

America’s economy runs on poverty ensuring cheap goods.

Plentiful services. Both require a sprawling labor market.

With tough jobs low wages. Much as it will disturb those.

Who care. More honest to call contemporary poor slaves.

Those searching for reasons why the American economy is.

Uniquely severe and unbridled can find answers in many places.

Religion, politics, culture. Increasingly, historians point.

To the gnatty fields of Georgia and Alabama, the cotton houses.

Slave auction blocks, as the birthplace of America’s low-road.

Approach to capitalism. Slavery didn’t just deny black freedom.

But built white fortunes. Origin of the black-white wealth gap.

Abusing the powerless. Sweated labour debased capitalism. eg


Human Extinction

End of the human era on this planet is close at hand.

Such an event, far from being a catastrophe to be.

Evaded or postponed, should be welcomed. Our alienation.

From nature has become so extreme, our ongoing destruction.

So irrecoverably dire, the only hope for the planet.

Is our extinction. We humans essentially “parasitic” species.

Our growth and dominance has been disastrous process.

For the planet and for those other species.

Who must live on it. We are destroyers.

We should kill ourselves by bringing.

Immediate universal end to reproduction. Death.

Our species is the most life-affirming.

Event could liberate the natural world.

From oppression. There’s no way to rid the planet.

Industrialized civilization without ditching ourselves. eg


Sleazy Capitalism

What’s the connection between Harvey Weinstein’s ‘business

Meetings’ and the passionless doctrine of neoclassical economics?

The drive to rid society of bureaucracy, shrink government.

Burn Red tape has made capitalism more informal but.

Increasingly led to one fueled by limitless.

Exploitation increasingly seedy methods of management.

From semi-feudal workplace hazing rituals, predatory.

Middle-managers with an axe to grind and arbitrary zero-hours.

Contracts, Uber and worst of all, compulsory gym sessions.

With your boss. This is often called ‘Sugar Daddy Capitalism’.

After the controversial dating-app wealthy businessmen use.

Meet young girls, most of whom struggling with university fees.

What seems like a creepy outlier is actually.

Prescient metaphor for whole economy. An anonymous.

Impersonal cash system intent on getting under your skin.

Extra close capable of ruining everything if you say no. eg



Rather than kill the fly I released it.

It seems to me. The most we fear.

In a relationship.

Your demands may swamp me.

I can’t possibly love you as much.

As you love yourself.

She’s using him.

You need constant conformation.

You’ve always got to get on top.

She’s always accusing him.

I’m more wronged than you.

I’m the wall in front of which.

She wails her self-pity.

I can’t get my pain in edgeways.

She’s always demanding the stage.

My hurt’s greater than yours. eg


Village Gathering Place

Information. Convenience comes at a price. Devices are carefully.

Designed. Hard to put down. With its colors, sounds, vibrations.

Technology purposely keeps users engaged. Features like “pull.

To refresh” were inspired by slot machines and other casino games.

Designers and engineers meticulously develop every aspect.

Device to create addicted users. It’s the dopamine habit,

Neurotransmitter makes you feel good. Our brains are designed.

Release dopamine when we do something meeting a survival need.

Eating, communicating, having sex. Waiting for the next buzz.

Activity causes release of dopamine in our brains, making us.

Feel aroused, motivated, happy. Maybe it’s because.

We can’t bear to be by ourselves. Sad indictment. eg