Cold Warriors

The US and the West regard themselves as “spokesmen of the international community”, always ready to label some countries with discriminatory labels such as “Evil Empire,” “Axis of Evil,” “Rogue State” and “Failed State”.

This distinguishes the so-called civilized states from “the savage others.” While demonizing other countries, they regard themselves as the moral arbiter of the world. It’s always about freedom and democracy, but behind the scenes is the ambition of unending hegemony.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict, which broke out under the long-term containment and high pressure of the US and NATO, has been described by some Western politicians as an “epic” of “democracy versus autocracy.”

Not only that, NATO also used the word “challenge” to describe China for the first time, falsely claiming that China challenged NATO’s interests, security and values, and joined forces with Russia to “undermine the rules-based international order.”

US elites, generation after generation relentlessly sell the beacon of freedom as they expand territory and grab for hegemony. At the same time they also hype up all kinds of fear.

From the “barbarian fear” during the massacre of American Indians to the “Islamic fear” during the war on terror, from the “communist fear” during the Cold War to the “fear” of “China’s challenge to rules and order” today, This ensures the US profits economically and maintains its hegemony amid fear and chaos.

Exaggerating “fear” reflects the anxiety of the US as a hegemon. In a strategic culture that is keen to “find the enemy,” the law of the jungle, the Cold War mentality, and the zero-sum game are always lingering in the minds of US politicians,and their sense of insecurity that US hegemony would be replaced and threatened is always lingering.


“Democracy” The West’s Favorite Propaganda Tool

The West is using “democracy” to attack Putin and Russia’s political system. Some Western media claim that the Russia-Ukraine war may eventually prove how an authoritarian regime sows the seeds of its own demise. This isn’t surprising The West is always doing it.

The Brits were doing it against Russia in the 19th century. A country has a political regime that suits its tradition and culture and thus any correlation between foreign policy action and internal organization of the society is groundless.

A political system of “democracy with Russian specifics” has been built in Russia. We have almost recovered after injecting a lethal dose of the virus of “liberalism” in the 90s.

The system of reliance on traditional conservative values that developed under Putin reflects the views of the overwhelming majority of Russians as fully as possible, even if it is a silent majority.

The results of the operation in Ukraine may lead to tectonic shifts in Russian economic and political life. We can expect the end of dependence on foreign capital and technology, the strengthening of national capital and industry, getting rid of the influence of oligarchs, pro-Western parties and the media.

The Ukrainian operation will show both the strengths and weaknesses of Putin’s system. He has the mandate to strengthen the former and eradicate the latter.

In the Western narrative, Russia is authoritarian while Ukraine is fighting for democracy. How do you comment on the West’s democracy vs authoritarian narrative? Is it a means adopted by the West to dodge responsibility for the current Ukraine crisis?

It’s the usual method exploited by Western governments in to mobilize the society, comfort the people by supporting their own feeling of superiority and cover their political action as something done not because of geopolitical considerations, but “in the name of democracy”.

After 30 years of indoctrination, many Ukrainians believed in the hostility of the Russians, waging war for eight years against those compatriots who still considered Russians as brothers and sisters.

Russian soldiers’ willingness to die in the name of saving their relatives by blood and faith, people who decided to remain Russian, is a democratic expression of will in the traditions of the Spartans.

The proclamation of Russia, China and other independent countries as “autocratic” at the “Summit for Democracy” last December in Washington and in President Biden’s last speech in Poland, shows the long-term targets of the Cold War.

The West claims it is supporting Ukraine to fight for “democracy”, but what will it bring to Ukraine?

The West has never been reluctant to support radical nationalism in Ukraine and all undemocratic actions of the Ukrainian government including heavy bombing of Donbass in 2014 – 2022.

It works for the Western audience. It helps to cultivate the racist feelings of Western superiority.
The impotence of “democracy with American specifics” in its domestic political and global dimensions predetermines a sad future for its “offspring.”

As payback for aggression and hatred of Russia, Ukraine is waiting for an economic crisis, military uprisings, the emergence of semi-independent Nazi enclaves in the West of the country, and the redistribution of the political landscape and remaining property.

The West has been unreasonably fanning anti-Putin and anti-Russian flames in the name of democracy. It’s part of the Anglo-Saxon political tradition. It’s typical to attack the geopolitical adversary on every front.

The international order established by the US after the Cold War was authoritarian by nature, though for a couple of decades able to provide wealth for the others, including China and Russia. Now all carrots are gone and using only sticks, the US has nothing left to offer but threats, tyranny and repression framed as “sanctions”.

American democracy was created by people from different countries and carriers of different religious and political traditions. Together, a system with high efficiency was created.

However, recently the foundations of this system have been self-destructing: the history of the nation has been reset, the abolition of a normal lifestyle, the destruction of family foundations, norms of morality and behavior are encouraged. The split of the nation on political principles is becoming a reality and talk of a civil war no longer seems like nonsense.


Too Much Masculinity

Right-wing ideas that liberal elites are actively corroding deeply held traditional values — including traditional gender roles.

For those who spend excessive airtime worrying about the emasculation of men, the kind of strength portrayed by Russia’s leader fits the bill. Forget the dewy-eyed version of Ukraine.

The consequences for women and girls are dire. The majority of men believe showing signs of weakness and submission, whether at home or in public, is disgraceful. Most men say women should adhere to traditional gender roles, like cooking, cleaning and caring for children. Men go to violent lengths to enforce this division.

One in ten Ukrainian men believe that women should tolerate violence to keep their families intact – to devastating effect.Each year over a million women become victims of gender-based violence – though the actual figure is likely much higher, since only an estimated 30 per cent of women come forward to report it.

Financial dependence, fear of stigmatization and a sense that domestic violence is ‘normal’ all contribute to women’s silence.


Western Propaganda Machine in Ukraine

Wars are times of opportunity and self-righteousness among ruling elites. Every conflict comes with its own propaganda offensive. The war in Ukraine is no exception.

Western powers, the Ukrainian government and Russa are working flat out to maintain popular support for the deadliest military mobilisation in Europe since the Second World War.

Criticism of industrial-scale Russian disinformation is routine. But the Western propaganda machine, run by a hawkish US government, a right-wing Tory administration, the EU establishment, and the military industrial complex on both sides of the Atlantic, doesn’t barely exists.

Its claims are blindly accepted by virtually the whole of the media and, in Britain at least, almost the whole of the political class, as well as an alarming array of normally left-wing figures. While its arguments are widely rejected in the global south, and at least debated in some European countries, any questioning in Britain is met with McCarthyite-style denunciation.

The central justification for Western support for the war is that our leaders are set on defending the rights of the Ukrainian people. There is a long and dishonourable history of going to war in the name of the rights of nations or peoples.

Britain’s entry into in the carnage of the First World War was pitched as defending ‘poor little Belgium’ against the German invaders. The US couched its war in Vietnam as a defence of the South Vietnamese against the ‘threat of communism’ from the North.

The US and its allies first invaded Iraq in 1991 to ‘restore the integrity of Kuwait’ and the estimated 50,000 casualties of the West’s bombing of Serbia in 1999 were regarded as ‘necessary’ to protect the national rights of Kosovans.

The exact dynamics differ, but the argument for supporting any of these wars and for backing NATO in Ukraine involves signing up to the idea that the Western powers work their foreign military policy around the interests of foreign peoples.

Given their long colonial and imperial histories, this is something of a leap of faith. It’s a particular stretch when you consider that the blood is barely dry from the invasion, occupation and mass bombings of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya and the West’s enthusiastic backing of the dreadful Saudi- led assault on Yemen.



Watch our for Kennedy. Should the next political chapter be called Dynasty?

Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey has endorsed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for president. Dorsey tweeted that Kennedy “can and will” beat both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis in the 2024 race. Kennedy, a prominent anti-vaxxer, previously attacked Anthony Fauci over COVID-19 vaccinations.

COVID truthers provide their followers with meaning, offering a reason to believe in a greater purpose. This can take the form of New Age spirituality, suggesting that humanity is undergoing a “shift in consciousness”, or a more secular commitment to truth, freedom and justice.

He’s is a strong supporter of cryptocurrencies. During a May 19 keynote speech at the Bitcoin Miami Conference, he told attendees that he would accept donations for his presidential campaign in Bitcoin.It’s pretty certain he’ll leave NYT readers behind.