Mind Attention

If I’m being kept here I should be charged.

Without its leader what’s a pack?

I remain yours irresponsibly.

There’s no show on the way.

Where could I possibly direct you to?

It’s ME again.

Which stands for mental engorgement.

That’s what I practise.

It’s become a way of.

Rouse yourself. We ought to get active. []

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Some Find Most Follow
















If not morally superior, what am I?

He pointed in my direction.

I’ve got these skills.

I’ve developed a particular habit.

Don’t blame me. I’m on display.

That’s the question, really.

Why do I need to show off?

He bored the wool off his flock.

They’re using me. A symbolic state.

Too cynical. A few form passion. []

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Come in Disguise

His self had depreciated considerably.

Must be a drop in serotonin levels.

“We want to make the world a better place.”

As the vulture capitalists gather.

Add gloss to give the appearance of caring.

The trouble with you think too much.

I’ll send you ninety-six lines.

When twelve strike you. I’ll show mine.

Asked what it was all about distillation.

I bet your wild side was stamped early on. []

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Delusion 3

How you see yourself. The sugar-plum fairy of unrealistic positive opinion. We share united states of delusion.

What we experience is a fiction. Raw data from our senses are processed.The essence only exists in our minds.

The delusion of purpose. It brings hope. Useful fictions to get us through life. Belief that the experience of presence.

A necessary being is something our minds can conceptualize to provide an understanding of why its existence is necessary. []

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Mind-Numbing Culture

Spectacular Emptiness is a meandering treatise,
clearly intended to signify conceptual mind-constructs.

The book imitates meta-space by exploring its depths
as duplication, reverberation and redundancy.

The text is penetrated by and shot through with
tendencies characteristic of networks and paths.

Most use the same paths to arrive at different points.
He arrives at the same points by using different paths.

Spectacle has become the major means of promotion,
reproduction, circulation and selling of commodities.

In the race to increase its power and profit media
culture creates technologically sophisticated spectacles.

Exaggerated entertainment has decisively shaped contemporary
societies and cultures in the advanced capitalist countries.

Sensational murder trials, terrorist bombings, celebrity
and political sex scandals increasingly dominate news shows.

A media-consumer society’s organized round the production
and consumption of images, commodities and staged events.

Celebrity is manufactured and managed as media spectacle.
Celebrities are cultural icons, the gods of everyday life.

The spectacle is a tool of pacification and depoliticization.
It’s soma for the masses, intended to stupefy and distract us.

We remain alienated and passive. By submissively consuming
spectacles we’re cut off from personal creative production.

Spectacular capitalism separates us from the products of labor,
art from life and consumption from self-directed activity. []

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