Jump to Her Glare















she edges him
sexual experience
apocryphal regions
the riposte was lost

once he cast doubt
likely conjunction
he couldn’t complete
pulling the chain

voice of authority
your orifice calling
bourgeois persuasion
try harder for mummy

kept him on edge
submit to her stare
given the limit
caught with despair

the arrogant ego
bridles futility
faith bring relief
nothing belief

he neuroticised writing
to adrenalise thought
now less to use noise
you must be alert []

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It Turns out Not to Be









Who hasn’t got a streak of omnipotence in him?

Do females feel it? Is it enough to be mum?

My son the messiah.

I hear your boy’s in show business.

Has he got a good agent?

By now my act’s together. Where’s the audition?

I beg to differ. I come in disguise.

My best bit’s the part of provocateur.

What I really want to rouse you.

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The Conceptualist










Be a devil. Turn out of control.

She called him a failure after.

She threw a bottle of mineral water over him.

The causes of hate.

Anyone interested in thoughtful conversation?

You’ve always got to abstract it, haven’t you?

It’s not the content, really, is it?

Nonchalant decadent bits another tautology.

You won’t concentrate, will you?

But that’s exactly what I’m doing.

It rarely settles down, does it?

Thought’s got its own order.

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A Particular Tone

The marks of civilisation. We punish ourselves.

It’s amazing how quickly I’ve come to realise.

Your full of few ideas.

Look at it this way.

There are masters, managers and makers.

I don’t know what to do with it.

You’ll find him in a homosexual hanger

At least I’ve stopped delivering statements.

I need a mentor to praise my work.

Pass it on, will you? I won’t be unless.

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Notes for a Novel








Am I getting prolix?

The course of my life.

I was born. Now in the process of dying.

I suffer anxiety.

We blame each other.

Once I’d provided a crutch she kicked mine away.

She says she wants to move on.

Don’t you mean back?

A pond full of dull predictable people.

That was where I found her.

If you invest in me I’ll excite you.

That was the deal.

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