Class & Race

Racialisation is a tool to divide and conquer.

Democracy abhors a united multi-ethnic working class

Previous cultures of solidarity among the downtrodden.

To create differences to undercut a united proletariat.

We should see the irrelevance of anti-racism.

It alleviates guilt among liberals.

Makes the imbalance between rich and poor invisible.

The focus should be on black and white inequality.

Class has been effaced by the debate about race.

The stratification of Amnesian society.

Disparities between rich and poor.

Remain hidden from view. Little class-consciousness.

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Persistent Arousal Disorder

I’ve been trying to rouse you. It’s an urge.

The significance of being earnest. Time to ditch camp.

This endangered species uses flippancy.

I strongly advise you. Beware of outward appearances.

When asked why he did it gave him great pleasure.

What’s the reward? To know I’ve raised you.

I’m always coming on. I want to be [the cause of desire].

Your wetness confirms me.

I feel quite sorry for him, actually.

I think he’s got a metaphorical speech defect.

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Something to Believe in

If we’re going to get engaged we need a common deception.

If I’m the text you’re taken in.

I imagine the way you read me. It’s better than onanism.

The mind conceives of matter. Does that make it really?

The distance of light from projector to screen.

Is that all there is to the universe?

God knows the film now showing.

By this time you’ve copied me. I’m no longer original.

I wish to be confirmed by death.

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Long before Lumpen [remember the cowboy president?].

Reps were cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations.

Creating an economy designed to intensify class disparities.

Satisfy Christian zealots, suppress the rights of minorities.

Little changes. The bickering continues. Is that the point?

Time to slaughter the sacred cow of democracy.

It’s a decrepit arthritic institution.

Is today’s political turbulence an aberration?

Long-term trends undemocratic illberalism.

Democracy is eroding and may no longer be plausible.

Tech change, decaying institutions and rising populism.

Growing Demagoguery will make democracy impossible.

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Editorial Prerogative

Why should I be so hostile?

Simply read. You don’t pick on yourself.

I try to fill the void.

Cracking others keeps an ego intact.

I know the way to me.

How could I possibly find anything else?

By chance we find evidence.

Willing to lay open the meaning of.

We read what it’s supposed to.

I’m always available for extracts.

Care for the next edit?

Am I the only one speaking this dialect?

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