Ed Strong is a flaneur who has been publishing on the web for twelve years. He currently lives in Paris.

Baudelaire saw the artist as a detached flaneur, a mocking bohemian in the big-city crowd, alienated, isolated and anonymous. Today’s version would be a simulation, drifting aimlessly in the digital stream.

Artists inhabit the borders between fact and fiction. We exist in the enigmatic borderland between art and life.

If life is real and art is an illusion, does the artist glide between between the two? Is art an attempt to make believe truth?

Do artists take on the unreality of their works? Or perhaps it’s a two-way relationship and art reveals truths that the illusion of everyday life conceals.


With the unprecedented number of images and texts available online, we can move beyond the creation of new ones, preferring to appropriate, condense or reconstruct those that already exist.

His initial digital work has 212 ‘briefs’. Two are available daily in rotation. If you want to make contact him on Facebook.

I haven’t been scrubbed.

No work’s beneath me when the wealth’s above.

At last! I know what to call the bourgeoisie.

A bunch of scrubbers. They deal in brain matters.

Scrub, wash, rinse and put out to dry.

Our Hero Avoids Social Conditioning

How long can I hold on for?

Infinite Scroll

No Label

ISM: I Sell Myself

What are the chances of?

A Cult of One

Here Are the Headlines

Looking back in angst.

Sex, Lust & Fornication

Turn here for the worse.

How many isms make meaning?

The Passive Voice

I could’ve been a pretender.

Void Content

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