Led by a Moron

On some great and glorious
day the plain folks of this
land will reach their heart’s
desire at last, when the free
world will be led by a moron

Pity the poor president. The man who’s lost his marbles.

He sounds like a broken record.

He keeps saying the same things over and over again.

An hour of presidential stream of consciousness.

He aimlessly went from one topic to another.

Often in the same run-on sentence.

Even for someone who rarely sticks to the script.

And wanders from thought to thought.

One of the most rambling performances of his presidency.

He jabed at Slim’s mental acuity.

Unsubtly implying Shady had grown senile.

He bragged: “I’ve just taken a cognitive test and aced it”.

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Capitalist Supremacy

Unearthing white supremacy is a just cause.

Yet focus on a much larger force.

The plantation was a ruthless business enterprise.

The end of slavery rearranged the oppressive system.

Into an altered but equally repressive form.

Racism remains a technique for exploiting black people.

And fomenting hostility of working-class whites towards blacks.

White capitalists extract surplus value from both castes.

Working class resentment towards Liberals is understandable.

‘Carers’ shed tears for exploited blacks.

White supremacy includes exploited whites too.

Lay the blame where it belongs: toxic capitalism.

How much coverage does that get from liberals?

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Poverty & Covid

People in poverty are disproportionately threatened.

Working in jobs with a high risk of exposure.

Living in crowded and insecure housing.

Residing in neighbourhoods which are more vulnerable.

Because of air pollution, and lacking access to healthcare.

Communities of colour, who face a persistent racial wealth gap.

Are at particular risk and are dying at much higher rates.

In a rural stretch of California’s far south-east.

A unique set of challenges, including high poverty rates.

Air pollution and transitory farmworkers.

The pandemic’s toll on immigrants.

Toxic exploitation and continuing slave labour.

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Fear the Foreigner

Conflict, chaos, disorder as pathological phenomena.

Insecurity and desperation.

Keep power in the hands of capital and its allies.

The extremist president’s political aim.

Feed the masses tales of immigrant invasion.

Upward redistribution of wealth to heirs, owners and industry.

No need to grasp the motivations of our overlords.

Unashamedly, they display the desire for inequality.

Capital encouraged waves of immigration.

Today, with uber-capitalism cheap labour is indigenous.

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As If I Could Be Sure

I’m envious of your certainty, a sense of fairness.

A balanced approach. I wish I could be so sure.

Sympathy for Black Lives Matter is one more good cause.

Liberals can support. It’s in the same league as charity work.

Donating to campaigns to help the hungry and homeless.

Another band-aid, another feel-good moment.

The police maintain the status quo. There’s little risk.

To bourgeois sensibilities in criticising them.

Suppose the protests started targeting wealth disparity.

Imagine an Anti-capitalist Movement.

How many liberals would jump on that bandwagon?

Imagine cable news corporations willing to support it.

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