Bourgeois Breeding Stock

Respectable Manners Stable Morality

Sexual activity was repressed
to maximize economic production.

But was that the case? If so, young men and the proles
would have been subject to the most stringent repression.

The bourgeoisie were stern and vigilant about their
own sexuality. Particularly, in women and children.

The concern was not productivity but safeguarding
the purebred family line and maintaining morality.

The inhibition of sexuality in
the working class came later. []

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The Cut-up 0f Concept

Define asemic writing. Anything that leaves a mark.

“What’re you doing tomorrow?”
“Revising my concepts.”

It hasn’t happened if you’re not there.

During masturbation the penis is a hand-held device.

I’ve patented the iWank.

You do realise don’t you’re stuck in a rut? []

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On Being Leeched

As for the company house.

I give them my concentrate.

They package distribution.

Give me a cut for my troubles.

Would you slave out of loyalty?

It’s time to turn over.

I’m being lightly toasted.

Wisely, he sat in the shade.

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The Only Good Beat’s a Deadbeat

Burroughs & Ginsberg. Ancient music-hall act.

Drugs, howl, cut and paste. Add a dash of mystic.

Mix with self-promotion. The Warhol cocktail.

Also known as yagé. An overwhelming rape of the senses.

Ready-made for reality TV. Look at me. I’m a celebrity.

Just like Kanye & Kardashian – Mentioned by a Madman []

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The Remaining Question

















Can you tell the facts from what I believe?

How many takes make a scene? I know the one I’m in.

Have we ever had the experience of something in common?

Is there anything you’d better believe?

This must be true. I like the sound of it. []

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