If I Say Am I?

The man who posed as a prophet.

“He may be one.”

“Not without doubt.”

“That’s just typical of you.
Maybe he got the nod from God.”

He found faith in the name of. Backward-looking. The rest of life self-supporting. Locked into position. No more wrestling. Retired to camp contentment. Who needs to find himself? []

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So We Begin to Be Ordinary

“You’ve got over them before. Naturally, you feel gloomy at the moment. But look what you did last night. Treated yourself to a good meal with wine. You felt better afterwards, didn’t you?”

“But I’m still at a loss. I can’t help it. I miss her terribly. Do you think if I begged her? Promised commitment? It’s the thought of not sharing myself with her anymore. It really depresses me.” []

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The Philosophy of Make-Believe
















Badiou & Habermass?
Is that a department store?

I’ve frequently been dubbed.
The brain turns to silt.
Will somebody please stimulate me?

We sink into conformity.
Feels like the future.
It’s just a matter of time.

How would you interpret it, Doctor Freud?
A watched watering can never fills. []

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Read Me Like a Book

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