Surplus Value

Mar 14 2015

The working class hasn’t disappeared. Labourers may no longer work down a mine or in a steel mill.

Today, they’re cubicle serfs in front of a computer.

They are referred to as programmers, software developers, software engineers, computer scientists, or software analysts.

Workers labour for capitalist enterprises. They are exploited. Unfettered capitalism always forces down the cost of labour.

Workers are employed for the minimum price, always paid just enough to keep themselves going and no more.

The employer sells the commodity not for what it cost to make but for the best price he can get.

There’s a gap between the worker’s reward for his labour and the price the employer gets for the commodity.

That difference is the money which accumulates to the employer. Marx called it surplus value. Profit for owners and shareholders.

It’s the force behind the ‘free’ market system. All value in capitalism is the surplus value created by labour.

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I [Active]

Mar 13 2015

It’s like what I was saying. The grammar grates.
Not to say it’s great.

It’s like that. Which one was saying?

That’s been my problem. I never know who’s talking.

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