Daily Dissident

He was frequently absorbed.
Spontaneous undirected thought.

He took it seriously, creating a need.
To win over others to his thoughtway.

The collective mindset.
You need never think alone.

The grind of work on a conveyor belt.
Then went to the fitness centre.

If you must fit in.
Conformity is the anodyne solution.

He exited cryptically.

Trimming the terse.

Draw a short list of family values.
conformity, obedience, conditioning.

The art of skiving

The cultural conditioning template.

Don’t you mean anything?
I have passing fancies.

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Who’s Got the Monkey?

I blew up in front of the manager today.
Actually, it was his analist.

I’m finding it more difficult
to control myself these days.

This gulf between management and worker.

They make decisions, expecting us.
Implement without question.

“Authority knows best.”
“Who says?”

It’s said.
No idea of consultation.

I know my bench. I order the tools.
That which inconveniences me.

They put the screw in my driver.
I’m expected to obey orders.

Because I haven’t got the brains?
More like conditioning.

They’ve been scrubbed a million times.

The bourgeois doorsteps. Going up.
Success doesn’t find satisfaction. []

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on the other hand

after all the same anyhow
be that as it may

but despite for all that
in spite of nonetheless

on the other hand

per contra though
without regard to

at the same time [en même temps]

nevertheless, nonetheless, even so,
however, but, still, though, be that
as it may, for all that, in spite of
everything, despite everything.

having said that, just the same,
all the same, in any event, come
what may, at any rate, regardless,
anyway, anyhow, still and all. []

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Taken Care Of

When I dig deeper into myself.

I don’t want an equal. I want a father figure.

I crave to be cared for by an authority figure.

The absent father. I didn’t have growing up.

We fight for equality, yet behind feminism.

We still want someone to spoil and support us.

To battle the hardships of life on our behalf.

Yet resent losing autonomy and freedom.

Remnants of patriarchal conditions need change.

Unsure what makes us happy. Eluded fulfillment.

Blaming our partners for constant frustration.

Not to take responsibility for our well-being. []

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In an Attempt to Impress You

objective correlative

narrative is a literary device in the waste land
the object correlates to a particular feeling

relational aesthetics

the artist’s goal of creating a social circumstance
a viewer’s experience of the construction is the art

There’s a surplus of commu­ni­ca­tion and consump­tion. Even the area of social inter­ac­tion – rela­tion­ships, conver­sa­tions, encoun­ters – is now barely expe­ri­enced as such, but rather begins to blur into a spec­tac­ular repre­sen­ta­tion of itself. With our surrender to constant, compul­sive Insta­gram staging, this claim appears all the more compre­hen­sible. We’re participants in a society of extras. []

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Against His Time

There’s a deep bond between the topic of artistic experimen-
tation, especially in literature, and a method of conducting philosophy, suggesting that if the modern tendency toward aesthetic nominalism is not an accidental result of historical misunderstandings but originates in a universal of art, then experimental writing would mark conceptualisation’s limit. []

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