As I Was Passing By

Mar 13 2015

It depends. How open’s your I?

The disease of dullness.

Parting her legs.

A cliché born every minute.

“Do you want to stroke my kitty?”

The power of self-persuasion.

Life’s a graveyard of illusions.

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Sexual Awakening

Mar 13 2015

Teenage Innocence & Lust

Get Your Rocks off!

Nancy Stayed the Night

I Soaped Her Down

Finger-Licking Good

Personal Fetish

Teenage Sex Drive

Discreet Sex

Digital Sex & Virtual Obsessions

The Nature of Sex

Fucking Sensual

The Gardening Porn Program

“Tickle My Fancy”

Teens Fuck on the Kitchen Floor

Lesbians Get Juiced-up

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