Poet & Prophet

There’s no participation when you’re on watch.

You know what your trouble is?

I can’t accept a bit part. I dream of the lead.

Hush up, child. Show some respect.

Here comes the prophet. May one be with you!

How’s it looking, then? Can you give me a lift-up? []

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Preening Ritual

More Sex Less Consumption

One should be consumed by sex.

Sex Drugs Creativity.


Everything’s bits and bytes these days.

Have you thought about the cost and catch?

Here’s my portfolio.

Would I be suitable for your catwalk? []

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Before the Bandwagon Starts Rolling

A hundred years ago, you couldn’t open a European newspaper without coming across the polemical manifesto of a new avant-garde artists’ movement.

The major movements of the 20th century – Dada, Fluxus, Futurism, Surrealism – started with artists’ statements of intent, often using inflammatory prose.

We can no longer categorise art as avant-garde. The commodity assembly line starts with a label. We go beyond with western dissident art. The manifesto is the artwork. []

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Bush Tactics

Cunnilingus is her preferred form of stimulation.
His lips and tongue are softer and more sensitive
than fingers, a toy, penis or dildo.

It can be part of your lovemaking ritual. Use as
foreplay or the main event leading in orgasm.

For women who don’t usually get off this way, turn it
into a pleasure sensation to see what works and what
doesn’t. You can make the experience anything you want.

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Running Wild

I’m just off to smoke hay while the mood swings.

Lord of the poles, give us our daily rituals.

Nice people like gender challenges.

LGBTs were once seen as perverts.

What about today’s sick and twisted?

Will we love them in future?

I appreciate how difficult to be a minimalist.

A guerrilla war against the overarching ideology.

“What do you dislike most in others?”

“Complacency. Those eager to be tamed.” []

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