Daily Dissident

To whom do I turn to change?
In search of the definite article

Who were those of you talking?
Strictly for the disconcerted.

You no longer need to pretend.
Just be ludicrous.

Have you played on my mind?
Best keep to the high wire.

I cast off, leaving behind.

What’s the meta for?

If I’d died this morning

Looking for a peak experience?
What’s the word I want?
Self-actualisers strive for.
Euphoric mental states.

I really admire your ingratiation.
What are you trying to do?

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Neoliberal Mothering

Why are mothers exhorted to make their stand in the boardroom?

To ‘lean in’, as the ghastly imperative has it.

Is being a prop of neoliberalism a mother’s aspiration?

The highest form of social belonging they could expect.

We’re experiencing a neoliberal intensification of mothering.

Perfectly turned out middle-class, mainly white mothers.

Their perfect jobs, perfect husbands and marriages.

With that permanent fake tan of self-satisfaction.

It’s intended to make women who don’t conform to that image.

Recreation gives more than scaling the capitalist mountain. []

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To Be Commodified

To be desired requires promotion. Commodification increases
cultural visibility. With no economic value bound to be ignored.

Bought to be exploited
Produced and marketed
Profit from the product

If I’m the text dies.

My copyright disintegrates.

I’d call it artistic slavery.

Unlike others, my wealth.

Handed on for a short time.

It’s not that I’m complaining.

I want the distribution of all assets.

No one’s got more than a leasehold. []

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Love’s Delusion

Something created by our culture
to cage the sexual beast in us.

It’s not real. Figments of imagination.
A programme instilled as a fairy tale.
Love is persistent inculcated religion.
Given the faith to follow like lambs.

Marriage essentially ensures conformity.
Based on the ideology of romantic love.
Obliges sexual rebels to knuckle under.

We’re participants in a daily soap opera.
West World creates behavioural conditions. []

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This Is about Him

When I was paid off I decided.

Try a new marketing strategy.

I passed cards round agents.

Looking for some sexual advice?

To be transformed into a trick.

It was the story I told myself.

Trapped in another fabrication.

So vain he probably thinks. []

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More Mindfulness Hype

Our best insights when we’re idle.
We need what we most fear. Boredom.

Anxiety about our fragmenting minds.
No more than liberal moral panic?

The Mindfulness Movement may be a bid.
Reclaim our attention to find freedom.
Dogma makes us easily manipulated.

The integrity of mindfulness is fragile.
Vulnerable to corporate programming.
Insert mental performance enhancement.
Add option consumer commodification.

Mindfulness has become pernicious.
Diluted and distorted by narcissism.

Distraction is commercial and political.
The following instructions cripple minds.
No longer able to gather our thoughts.
Overwhelmed by a sense of inadequacy.

The newest detergent to wash and rinse.
Oppression disguised as individual choice. []

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