There’s a cultural earthquake approaching.

The foundations are shaking. Right-wingers are fearful.

Educational establishments have decided to openly support.

Anti-capitalism and Black Lives Matter. Are these schools aware?

They have a statutory duty to be politically impartial.

That we should expose children to alternative narratives.

No wonder the orthodox are up in arms. The reactionary response.

Impartiality? Programmers persuade each intake.

To be passive consumers of acceptable knowledge.

Education is a vital part of deep-level indoctrination.

A system of control and coercion to accept the master narrative.

The collective confirmation bias. Repeat, follow orders and obey.

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Point the Finger

If only I were sincere enough to deceive myself.

I’d feel good about my stroke.

Taken aback by the congregation. Members rise to justify.

Right because you’re wrong. We argue which way to play.

We should get on with the game. Be your own court case.

The mechanisms of defence and prosecution.

Think more accuse. I scratch in vain.

You’re under the assumption I’m to blame.

It furthers self-preservation.

I accuse others. A cause of survival.

As I slay the swell of righteousness.

When in doubt, go on a crusade.

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Master Narrators















Those who engineer news and opinion
make believe balance and detachment.

They imagine truth will enlighten
and create an educated voter base.

The delusion of media workers
in liberal capitalist enclaves.

That they are objective, unbiased
and concerned to report the facts.

As the truth appears to them.
So goes Western propaganda.

To reinforce the belief in journalism’s detachment.

That the media are indispensable to shed light
on political affairs for democracy to survive.

Beware of the journalist recently risen to bourgeois
status who starts talking about high moral standards.

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Weasel Wars

Wasteland’s version of liberal internationalism.

Code for global military domination via freedom and democracy.

The primary source for decades of foreign policy disasters.

Elites have mastered the art of doublespeak.

Developing justifications for force and occupation.

Investing military might with self-righteous moralism.

Creating one policy failure after another.

Tarnished the ideals conscripted into power politics.

In crusading to spread the ideology of freedom,

The ongoing junta have weaponised liberal democracy.

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In a Manner of Speaking

You’re in danger of believing the myth.

There’s nothing between us.

I can’t desire and protect you.

The former’s full of challenge.

Unable to control. I’m afraid I flirt.

You can’t expect me to hold you up.

When I’m trying to put you down.

If it pulls you [sexual attraction].

We may be living parts yet we’ve got longing.

I want to give you pleasure.

You don’t know how good it makes me feel.

Let’s just say I was overdosed.

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