The Voice of Authority

Science is no match for tribalism in this dysfunctional country.

Truth is whatever validates your prejudices.

Feeds your sense of grievance and fuels your antipathy.

Towards those you’ve decided are on the other side.


Protective masks are tribal totems.

With soul-crushing inevitably.

Morphed into controversial declarations of identity.

What’s next? Arm-bands?

Arche Type

Tribalism is apposite. Arche Type is the Tribal Leader.

The father figure for his followers.

Freud’s father complex is a bundle of unconscious associations.

They connect to the image or archetype of the father.

We impulsively seek out stereotypically fatherly figures.

Daddy’s Approval

The object of the “father” is important because
it occupies a prominent place in the child’s psyche.

S/he strives for the father’s approval.

A president, leader, dictator represents
the [often] absent father in childhood.

But then, isn’t this typical left-wing rationalism?

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The President in Distress

The Denier in Chief

His litany of pandemic untruths.

How far he’s out of his depth.
The President is drowning not waving.

His distressed thrashing is mistaken
for waving by those in the foxhole.

His pathology leads to an infantile vision of
the world he longs for, not the world as it is.

The pandemic has left him shaken and full of retaliation.

The virus is more significant than he.

How dare the plague!

It’s brought him down and almost out.

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In Denial

The whiteness of anti-lockdown protesters.

My brother keeps sending me conspiracy theories.

Fertilised and farmed on Facebook.

When I challenge him he admits.

The right-wing pleasure of provoking liberals.

Shouldn’t we provoke them, using irony / mockery?

Cowboy [UK slang] refers to someone who’s reckless, unreliable.
Plumbers and electricians who don’t know what they’re doing.

White Anti-lockdown Protesters! Head to your regional state theaters now. For this week only there will be free showings of Wayne and Eastwood classics plus highlights from our cowboy president’s attacks on fake media. Pick up the virus and spread it.

There will be tattoo artists in the lobby after each showing
to scratch you for life. In appreciation: CD [Covid Deniers].

Those who take advantage of this offer will be denied medical help. Like your cowboy leader, none of you is a loser. Right?

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IL Duce

Covid has slotted nicely into America’s current culture war.

To condense the two sides: decadence versus morality.

Christian Fundamentalists look back with horror.

From sex, drugs rock’n’roll to gender-bending abortionists.

The fundies realised they couldn’t put forward.

A Presidential candidate who was holier-than-thou.

They fell in line behind a crude megalomaniac.

Added Satire

This could be compared to the Iranian Revolution.

Onward Christian Stormtroopers. Hail Il Duce!

America’s Mullahs. Placing faith before science.

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Belly Acher

He spreads wrong information. Seeds false hope. Reinvents history, reimagines science, prattles on about his supposed heroism, bellyaches about his self-proclaimed martyrdom
and savages anyone who questions his infallibility. In lieu
of leadership, grandstanding. In place of empathy, he sulks.

Might we one day feel sorry for him? A man in decline.

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