In Order To

Jul 31 2014

For example, he hated creases in clothes. She flung hers on the floor. He neatly folded his.

Let’s straighten things out. A bout of anality.

I wish I were more casual. I want to lie in the rough. Fuck the fairways. Straight down the middle. Slice or stroke?

For fuck’s sake! Golfing metaphors? Whatever next? The delights of bourgeois cuisine?

That’s the war I’m waging.

You can’t present chaos in order. To what? It all falls down.

“I think I’ve just sneezed.”

“Aren’t you sure?”

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And The Word Was

Jul 30 2014

Each generation has its flash drive to rebel. This is tolerated in western cultures. Temporary freedom before caged for life.

Guilt is a bourgeois neurosis. “I mustn’t be idle.” He reprimanded himself. Whip it to me.

We believe as individuals. Each in a cage, exercising rights on a hamster wheel. Who’s pointing at whom?

It’s evident in self-flagellation, crucifixion rituals, perverse obsessions with chastity, and feelings of unworthiness.

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