Last Person to Understand Himself

He wanted to appear clever before others.

Playing with language, chip away the masonry.

To affect the direction of events.

Those who display authority without questioning.

Their right to influence others?

What gives them an absolute belief in themselves?

Self-promotion is the unmentionable motivation.

It necessitates a built-in blindness.

An almost desperate need to be noticed.

“I’m the expert. Give me your attention”

Who doesn’t need to give her opinion?

I understand my colleagues better than they do.

A delusion we share. My insight’s greater than yours.

This is no personal criticism.

I’m writing this because my insight

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Do What You’re Told

The way schools impose authority and control over learners.

A hegemonic tool to promote obedience in future citizens.

Spending the first quarter of our lives in school.

Taught to do exactly as we’re told.

To accept and obey facts from a higher authority.

To comply with the ruling ideology. Unable to find meaning.

Beyond indoctrination by master narrators.

Just smart enough to follow orders behind a desk.

Passively consuming a rigid curriculum.

It deadens imagination and creativity.

The process of social conditioning.

It’s reinforced for the rest of our lives.

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Red Meat

Evangelicals were Lumpen’s most dedicated followers.

Standing by him through his abuses, failures and scandals.

They believed he was God’s appointee on Earth.

This fervent relationship, which survived the insurrection.

Was based on far more than a transactional handshake.

He promoted judges against abortion and LGBTQ rights.

Put Christian-right ideologues in critical positions.

The Evangelical’s fulfillment of a long-sought goal.

Restoring Amnesia as a Christian nation.

Against abortion has changed the Reprehensible party.

Continues to feed red meat to the white nativist base.

They have guttered politics and recreated the dark ages.

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Sense of Purpose for Sale

This results from my anxieties. The rest [needless to say].

We’ll order our box with random selections.

I’ve got this master interpretation.

Catch the truth while it’s still believable.

He condenses tomorrow. The gales of conviction.

No doubt will have passed.

I was right while it lasted. Here’s the rhetorician.

He’ll wire your purpose. No one’s got the right.

This matters. As predicted it’s not enough.

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Come to Grips

Must the author create another ism?

You think you’ve found truth, don’t you.

Too crude to realise children.

You’ll deliver another misconception.

Who wants proof? If it feels right.

Can I deposit this in your safe?

What’s your interest? Put where I know.

It might stand some chance.

You shouldn’t indiscriminate.

You never know where. This might take.

He left his opera to the Royal College of Psychopaths.

I want others to benefit from my disease.

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