The Left’s Naive Belief in Democracy

Jan 14 2015

Social capitalism both materializes and commodifies democratic ideals and aspirations in ways that strengthen and support globalized neoliberalism.

The proliferation, distribution, acceleration, and intensification of opinion and opportunity through social media has resulted in a deadlocked democracy incapable of contemplating political and economic change.

This is linked to the left’s failure to challenge democracy as an ideology in itself, not as some vague universal ideal.

Even the radical left often fails to see democracy in the West as essentially a vehicle for bourgeois hegemony.

When democracy appears as both the condition of politics and the solution to the political condition, then neoliberalism can’t appear as a totalitarian ideology.

Under social capitalism, this is exactly what has occurred. Right and left share the same rhetoric of democracy. One that draws together ethics and economics, discussion and competition so that each is a version of the other.

Invasive war is fought in the name of spreading democracy even as critics of the war use the same terms to voice their opposition.

The contemporary left finds itself in a position of victory in defeat. Its enemy speaks the same language.

It has adopted our language and our ideals. We lack an ability to say what we want. Instead, our present values become horrific realizations of their opposites, entrapping us in psychotic politics.

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Who’s It?

Jan 14 2015

If there’s a god, one’s it. I’ve never been able to come out and claim the person I am.

Is it fitting to survive by putting down others? I walk round your personality, spotting cracks in the illusion. Better call the surveyor. I call him one, myself.

Am I a case of writer’s cramp? Are you sure one can’t be sure? I mean, how can I raise yours when I don’t expect myself?

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