What is this?

Short avant-garde texts.

Experimental, radical.

Not quite poetry, more abstract.


Others refer to compositions as briefs.

Also known as western dissident art.

five briefs are published.

Regularly, new briefs replace old.


If this grabs your attention.

Contact Ed Strong for more. Also at

Western Dissident Artist

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Hidden Agenda

This one’s for Oleg Bilyk, Ukrainian artist.

Sadly you’ve become a small cog.

Used in the Western propaganda machine.

‘Our’ media love to replay the Cold War.

The Ukraine is its latest manipulation.

Do you really think life would be better?

If you were under the West’s influence?

It’s just that our propaganda is subtler.

Welcome to a well-disguised ideology.

We go shopping in the imperial arcade.

Sorry to be the cynic. That’s what it’s like.

A rainbow rebel in a monochrome culture. []

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Yesterday’s Conceptualist

Who said it’s conservative to hang
on to yesterday’s conceptualists?

I’ll keep that in mind next time I find a
radical modern conceptualist to hang on to.

But hanging on to anything is conservative
isn’t it? That’s what my psychiatrist said.

Wise psychiatrist. But I
wonder what he hangs on to?

His Audi 5000 his beach house his
town house and his shares portfolio.

His collection of postmodern
paintings and his sanity.

He also has a collection of my briefs.
I pay him with tasteless renderings.

Pretty groovy huh at 300 bucks an hour?

I gave him one of my end times.
He couldn’t understand a word.

Depth was his professional cover.
For him a book that cant be read.

Does this make me radical,
modern and conceptual? []

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Engorge Yourself

Are you old enough to remember being circumcised?

Genital mutilation.

There’s a cause worth fighting for.

Save the Foreskin! Fucking health reasons.

It makes the cock’s head less sensitive.

Great name for a public lavatory. []

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End-Times Capitalism

Everything, everywhere, becomes commodified and consumable.

We’re complicit in every system we condemn.

A significant characteristic of contemporary ideological conflict.

We curse global warming while emitting in traffic jams.

We celebrate the end of slavery in Amnesia.

A comparable exploitation and dehumanization still exists.

Now exported to countries with barely a living wage.

We’re hypocrites for this behaviour but it goes deeper than that.

As if caring absolves us of any serious lifestyle changes.

A life less than a sellout and more than the sackcloth. []

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Milk Splash

The penis curtain rises. Behind it a dildo pulsating under neon lights. The music thumps and thuds. a swelling in my chest and down below. Participating in the american phallic fantasy.

I hold on to a vodka bottle. The neck stem feels like the shaft of my penis. Her vagina is nowhere in sight. It never is when I need it.

The play continues. A semen-like substance drips to the floor. It’s milky white. One of the characters touches the seed. Still warm.

It reminds me of those creatures in The Naked Lunch, ejaculating and sputtering their honey-milk substance of heroin need.

She speaks innuendo, a ploy to offer sex, minor titillation with lascivious undertones. She slides her hands down to her crotch.

“Don’t you want me?” A cheap laugh, her tits are perfect, the nipples erect. I want to suck on them. I want to taste her milk. []

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