From Cover to Cover

We’re watching the same show in different theatres.

Got any rights? I’m missing a few.

We cobble reviews of each other.

I’ve spent the night in your arms.

Can’t I persuade you to stay?

I’ll file your teeth.

He was noticed [absent adjective].

You sound the same. I’m not surprised.

You want variety not subtlety.

[He got it from a phrase book] []

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Plat du Jour

Is it possible to be virtually wise?

Do you question the process
of searching for something?

I must stop thinking in order
to be, he told himself.

I’m going to start being.
Look at the state of this case.
It needn’t signify anything.

Am I beholden to?
Is it possible to be an abstract of?

I may seem chaotic.
However, once you order me.
I become the dish of today. []


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Der Brief

That takes the development of written language.
Its use as a means of communication automatically
presupposes a literacy and reading competence.

For example as writing in a visual-graphic
perception in the sense of writing, reading
or the use of writing and written material. []

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Beyond Language

All things being equal.
I prefer the opposite.

Artists are prostitutes.
Performance for consumption.

Finding the mainstream.
I’m certain you’ve failed.

Propaganda to spread ideology.
The voice of authority.
Conformity tightens minds.
It requires high maintenance.

He handed her a magnifying glass.
To examine his blooming aphorisms.

Naturally, I fall short. Unable to be.

Capitalism is the rhino in the classroom.

He failed to find in conceptual language. []

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The Ludic Instinct

Play creates value without meaning.
It needs nothing outside itself.
Play can’t be turned into a project.

It has no purpose apart from its disruption.
The value of play doesn’t depend on a future.
On its preservation in tradition or custom.

Death is no threat to the value of play.
Abandoning itself to the logic of emptiness.
To be sanguine, even joyful, knowing the end.

Without nothing after would be treated.
We find ourselves characterised by play.
No longer hopeful our books be read.

Our pictures admired by some future audience.
The visionary assumes we’d no longer strive.
Give up the need to have projects altogether.

A life lived as play is a utopian construct.
What the fuck I need leave nothing behind.
The value of creativity without preservation. []

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