I’m not very good on the anecdotal. My instrument’s abstract.

She knew my faults more than hers. I was disadvantaged.

Positive Thinking: How to Deceive Yourself.

Where you really here on the night in question?

Beware of self-growth sales staff. Mastery of life seminars.

Create power, freedom, self-expression, peace of mind.

A leading light in the personal development industry. []

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Uncomfortable State















Look at me. I spent today moaning about the ranks to my fellow officers. Stand to attention! I turn my back at ease. It fills me with despair. Trust him to be melodramatic.

I transferred my state. I externalised¬†it’s nothing personal, you understand. Blame the government, management, family life. All unhappiness stems from a sense of loss. []

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Pucker Pout & Pose

















They say change is the only constant thing [he reiterated].

The next wave constantly connected bourgeois feelings.

Too dim to know how dim he was. Can you handle idiomatic sex?

Last night saved my life. Electro Shock Treatment [EST]

Tech exploiters chase the fuck you should consult my solicitors.

Spreading doubt across America’s Aging Queen. Liberace politics.

Young Sodomites League. Well-founded justified depression. []

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For the last fifty years feminists have
flocked to faith rallies across the country.

A dull pain in the brain with conformists.
Snatches the banality of social interaction.

Being different threatens a closed mind.
Today’s trek goes beyond significance.

If you smear enough shit on the wall
you’ll get attention [old Facebook saying]. []

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Deliciously Naughty

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