Political Merchandise








Out Now! Brand new merchandise from the White House.

MAGA has been withdrawn from circulation.

In future all products will carry the slogan TBTC.

Turn Back The Clock. As our president now realises.

As his followers wanted. The reactionary party rules.

The abbreviation will be available across a range of products.

Baseball Hats, Bandanas, T-shirts, Car Bumper Stickers,

Labels, and a wide range of clothing. To be Released!

This announcement aims to please the herd mentality.

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What’s Your Tribe?

Masks are a symbol. Like MAGA baseball hats or BLM T-shirts.

We announce which side we’re on.

Symbols are central features of our lives.

They define perception, shaping the way we view the world.

Displaying which tribe we belong to.

They are a manifestation of our need for certainty [belief].

For Liberals, masks represent a belief in science.

MAGA hats show belief in the superiority of whiteness.

These signs have little to do with epidemiology or public health.

More the semiotics of social standing and cultural posture.

Long before we consider the science.

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Fake Tan








How can Amnesia continue like this?

All the extremists can proclaim are conspiracy theories.

Policies are focused on ending abortion and neutering gays.

And, of course, praising Fake Tan’s ramble.

For God’s sake [pun intended] stop giving oxygen to QueerAnon.

The original meaning of queer as a verb.

To queer the pitch refers to the patter.

An itinerant tradesman or showman.

‘Patter’ refers to the spiel.

A street hawker or circus barker. Fits the bill for Fake Tan.

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Like a Young Girl Should

Buy Amenesian is the slogan. Where was my mobile made?

Rely on cheap imports from Asia. What’s in a slur?

Sleepy and Creepy haven’t worked.

Sticky-Fingered? What a memory track!

From sticky fingers, brown sugar, how come you taste so good.

Like a young girl should. We know what that means.

Slim Shady plagiarised. What? When copy would do.

He gives opponents derogatory names. Remember Nasty Nancy?

Let’s draw a list for Lumpen. I’ll probably be censored.

You can’t call the president humpbacked whale.

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