Capitalism Exploits the Family

Big Cap uses the nuclear family as a source of exploited labor.

An economic and ideological function for the capitalist class.

It reaps the benefits of healthier, more educated workers.

To achieve this with as little cost to itself as possible.

Families are expected to take the responsibility.

To feed, clothe and care for all ‘unproductive’ members.

Those whose labor power can’t be exploited in the workplace.

Children, the elderly, sick, disabled, the unemployed.

Those the the state won’t support.

Soapy Joe’s plan will reinforce the exploitation.

Persuading women in greater numbers.

To take low-paying jobs in the service industries.

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One Comes After Another

He brown-nosed his publisher. I’ll always be your lackey.

That’s a log on his shoulder. Don’t be bitter.

Just because they won’t let you enter certain establishments.

A sense of horror [to be banned].

Set on the lot should make you feel bothered.

That’s art. The same as this.

I wish you wouldn’t keep changing the subject.

I don’t know where I am. So what? Do you expect?

Is everything in order? Where’s the discipline?

What’s swahili for chaos?

I’ve always preferred living on the coast.

Mind you, I’m a fine one to talk.

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Portrait in Brief

You crave order. Not the chaos of experience.

They want to hear about it. Most file. A few grate.

He lived in [the aphorist].

Desire carves its initials.

He went to regimes of indulgence.

Everyone finds a support [the stocking of life].

Can you sweep more than yourself?

He’s always including us in his analysis.

Can’t I represent others?

No one’s stupid. Just absence of interest.

If you think I’m unique we’ve got that much in common.

Nothing personal. He’s out of your depth.

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Circular Persuasion

That makes me a rhetorical engineer. I mean, it’s a profession.

You’re not going to knock me for that, are you?

He wasn’t in practice. They never knew which way to take him.

Best not to think about it, eh? What were his dying words?

Here we go. I haven’t got the patience.

If I were able would you come?

You see, I’ve got this attitudinal growth.

What’s your diagnosis? He make a stab at death.

There’s this diaphragm between us. I don’t know why bother.

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It Must Be a Duck

How clever to compare these two fakers.

What lunatic hyperbole. What ludicrous histrionics.

And timing! Quacker shares Lumpen’s knack for that.

Figuring out precisely when, for maximum effect.

Rubbing salt in liberal self-righteousness.

For God’s sake [pun intended] stop giving oxygen to this man.

Quacker is a foxy ringmaster whose political pitch is grounded.

Stoking white male resentment. Queer Quacks.

The original meaning of queer as a verb.

To queer the pitch refers to the patter.

An itinerant tradesman or showman.

‘Patter’ refers to the spiel. A street hawker or circus barker.

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