What is this?

Short avant-garde texts.

Experimental, conceptual.

Not quite poetry, no way a novel.


Others refer to compositions as briefs.

Also known as western dissident art.

Only five briefs are published.

Regularly, new briefs replace old.


If this grabs your attention.

Contact Ed Strong for more.

Trade enquiries welcome.

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Its Opposite

Gazing at his reflection. Was he an artist?

This is I. Who’s the beholder?

God’s obviously expleted here.

It must be the analyst in me.

One listens and interprets.

It’s almost simultaneous.

The only monologue we’re interested in’s our own.

I don’t go up on deck with the others.

I’m in my cabin, observing.

Was that what made him different?

I’ve thought more than most of my life.

It’s an obsession.

I’m a compulsive mind reader.

To take up can’t be put down.

As the wish fulfilled itself.

You must have the wit to temper intensity. []

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No Trace of

Everyone needs a listener. Will she confess?

Well, you see, doctor. It’s like this.

I had this strange dream last night.

My wife doesn’t understand me.

I can slash my wrists.

In front of you don’t stop me.

Or force your version of events on to me.

She’s got over idealisation.

Interested but not involved.

The grandest delusion?

I believe my confession resembles art.

Survival needs to express itself. []

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Minds Are Made Up

“It’s very demanding.”
“What did you expect? A novel?”

Intellectuals don’t indulge in anecdotes.
But they like a good story.
It’s entertainment.

I want to fictionalise philosophy.
He was put away for pomposity.

He felt existence.
I think [it’s another emotion].

Paintings stopped telling stories long ago.
Yet the form I’m in remains representational.
Can someone explain this to me, please?

Everyone speaks in the temple.
Your attempted desecration disturbs them.

As if we need to maintain caution.
Make up your mind, set and match. []

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APT [American Propaganda Tactics]

The United States propaganda machine can be relied on to spew out anti-Russian vitriol using some formulation of dictatorship, censorship and lack of freedom. A reflection of our state.

Americans live under a constant state-of-war mentality. The anti-Russian propaganda is war-time propaganda.

The deliberate and subtle manipulation of the masses, their habits and opinions, is vital in so-called democratic societies.

We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed and our ideas suggested by those who pull the wires which control us.

Propaganda is used by hidden persuaders to control the majority, allowing capitalism to reap the benefits of never-ending war.

The ideological matrix ensures social indoctrination, removing our ability to think and replacing it with feelings, fabricated dogma and endless spectacles. Keep the dullards entertained.

Minds have been shaped to accept the dominant narrative served up by establishment gatekeepers. Our side’s always right. []

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Who’s the Host Here?

“What’s your favourite hobby?”
“You mean sex?”
“Yes. But also this. I want to rouse you.”
“Is that all it is?”
“If I stimulate you might get a rise out of me.”
“As a woman I might be offended.”
“It’s in the head. I want to engorge your mind.”
“Why this need to dominate others?”
“Perhaps. Maybe impress them.”
“You’re in need of attention.”

“Does he fuck solely for his pleasure?”
“Most men do.”
“That’s often down to lack of experience.”
“What are you suggesting? Sex colleges?”
“Is that a smile on your face?”
“It depends on a boy’s hand-held device.”
“I know what you’re going to suggest next.”
“You would, wouldn’t you?”
“Sex is like sucking a lolly. Better start young.”
“Shouldn’t that be my line? []

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