Deconstructive tendency

When others invaded his privacy it drove him insane.

We’re small fry in a deep pan. You may quote me.

Anyway, as I was saying, he lost his composure.

There wasn’t much there in the first place.

I’m not interested in the metaphysics of presence.

But my motivation.

Why do you do this? It draws attention.

I’ve got this passion. Needs are noticed.

A discharge of energy. I’ve got this case.

Would you like to see my wares?

I’ve got to persuade you.

Will they see his point of view?

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Out of Narrative

Could you go to the nearest laundry?

I’ve run out of anecdote.

The list of characters in parentheses.

My imagination’s out of order.

Whereas you couldn’t run a riot.

I like that one too, Where’s the chalk?

We should build a wall round disneyland.

We’ve got square metres on which to display.

What’re you doing this summer?

Walking round the wall.

Would you prefer a few discerning listeners?

Or the voice of oppression.

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Do you realise? Not often, actually.

How caged I feel when living with you.

We should move not stay together.

Let’s flout the conventions.

You’re reading prose. Would looking at?

I can’t be domesticated. I like staying in homes.

But only occasionally.

Where’s the perfect pitch? I run wild in the park.

You say I’m not prepared for commitment.

I won’t surrender myself. I’m not prepared.

Put away? I’m the lone agent.

What’s the point of growing up to stop indulging ourselves?

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These fanatics believe when an egg is fertilised.

It’s a distinct human organism. Important to remember.

A quarter of confirmed pregnancies miscarry before 20 weeks.

Imagine being considered guilty of killing a child.

Every time you miscarry. The anti-abortion laws will lead to that.

Do the crusaders consider other aspects of a woman’s life?

Less important than gestating children?

These evangelists don’t think women matter at all.

Particularly galling when men want to ban abortion.

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Bonding Mechanisms

“We [should] stop being beastly to others.”

Belonging to a culture [taking sides] is essential.

‘Culture’ is more than language, dress and food customs.

We may share race, ethnicity, or nationality.

But separation between generations, socioeconomic class

Sexual orientation, ability and disability, politics and religion.

Language, gender… and responses to pandemics.

Cultural attitudes relate to the symbolic dimension of life.

Where we make meaning and act out our identities.

Signals from groups we belong to give us information.

What is significant and who we are in relation to others.

We have always been beastly to those unlike us.

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