United States of Amnesia

The Amnesian trauma, A need to feel protected.

The cultural obsession with safety and security.

A desire to return to a childlike state.

Extended adolescence co-opted by capitalism.

This demographic captured by market forces.

A lucrative wellspring of consumerist potential.

A generation sucks on merchandised teats.

The break from reality assumes self-protection. []

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Amplified Theatre

The passivity of most paralyzed by contemporary culture.

Everything that was once lived has become a representation.

Mashed-up mediated image-saturated simulation of reality.

Celebrities serve as compensation for fragmented lives.

The surplus value of rebellion becomes a commodity.

Left with the freedom to select a particular alienation.

Abundant distractions reinforce the dominant ideology.

Deny the conditions with desire-driven unreason. []

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Western Dissident Artist

WDA frequently infringe copyright. We take fragments from works to use in a new creation. Feel free to do the same.

Licence Art Libre

Copyleft: This work of art is free. You can redistribute and/or modify it according to terms of the Free Art Licence.

There’s a specimen of this license on the Copyleft Attitude site.

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The Rabble Rouses

The lumpen proletariat have been denied ways
to make a living without crass exploitation.

They’re forced to accept the grind of menial
poorly-paid jobs or resort to breaking the law.

Thieves, con artists, drug pushers, hackers,
prostitutes, loan sharks, beggars and thugs.

The general crisis of capitalism, reinforced by
cheap migrant labour, swells the lumpen ranks.

Neoliberalism increasingly displaces wage-earners
and small proprietors from the productive process.

It prevents disaffected proles from bothering to
find jobs, unable to accept severe market forces.

The lumpen proletariat doesn’t include those who
are unemployed, break the law or challenge order.

Those at the bottom of the heap have adopted
illegitimate means to undermine authority.

They probably number around ten percent in most
capitalist-driven economies. They’re the displaced.

The most impoverished and oppressed should be
the most revolutionary section of the population. []

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Wasting Away

The numbers killed in the so-called jewish holocaust
became increasingly exaggerated with each retelling.

We’re still being conditioned to
believe WW2 was our noble cause.

Doors of Perception has been turned
into Mescaline Man, the Marvel hero.

You can’t listen to denseness. It should
be written. Otherwise, sounds as satire.

That which is hidden from most.
I was arrested in my scroll.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?
Pause, play, waiting to end.

You provide space for thought.
Music to go as insights flow. []

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