Too Many Likes

Dec 18 2014









I’d hate your acceptance. I’m nothing unless I grate.

Take maggots. They want to be liked.

We’ll play on the liberal conscience.

“Save me!”

“From what?”


I’ve failed. I didn’t rouse you. I mean, if I were inverted I’d be out there soliciting toy departments. Fancy a bit of corruption?

What’s the point in being different? If you want it accepted. You’re like the rest. You want to be liked.

That’s the dilemma. I score this dangerous stuff. Yet expect others to take it. Trying to be outside looking in.

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The Dark Side of Life

Dec 18 2014

Notes on a Patient. Everybody’s Hustling. Work in Progress. Smiley Face Antidote. Creative Mental Illness. Apropos Nothing. Gay Attacks. Fuck Your Life.

Is naive optimism an oxymoron? Has hope gone? Imagine it.

What’s up comes down.

The first order of our new regime. Cut out the light. Stay locked to this frequency. I’m about to seduce you. Come here!

We’re crossing the tracks. “Where’re we going?” The dark side of life. We’ll sample pleasure and pain. Nothing’s denied.

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