I suppose a part of me died when you went.

We confirmed each other. Cling to the edge.

Am I without direction? Next novel experience.

She was well able to put down a book.

I’ve never finished. It’s been ended for me.

Or just fizzled out. Must you download the past?

We gave the relationship a new lick of paint.

You now demand to put it back on the market.

As if the plot needed development. Self-help renovation.

I did all I could but had just about enough.

Women are more flexible during a dance but go back on
their heels when they’ve decided the music has stopped. []

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Are You Out or In?

Listen, students. Forget about the instructions for meditation.

Trying to empty your mind of thoughts.

Chant all you want. A vain attempt to experience the present.

Observe. Let your mind randomise. You don’t need mantras.

Stop thinking. Go shopping. There’s the ferris wheel.

Only fools remain locked in self-absorption.

We want to stay passive. We consume culture.

“Can you change channels? I’ve seen it.” []

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The Odds Are Even

the head hones reflection
to have thought under control
nihilist falls into self pity
freedom would be reflective
daydreams last thirty minutes
implementative decades volume
abstraction put into practice
one in two hundred converted
anagrams ritual tap dances
what was essentially said
will be hibernation clinics
where fear fucking pleasure

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Circle of One

















The you in me makes an audience of one.
I’m unlike the other. I’ve almost got over mortality.

I’ll always have you. It’s pretty exclusive.
Can you count a cult of one? The I of containment.

Wanted. Runners for the course.
You must be mentally experienced.

Can you get to take part? So long as I’m leader.
Everyone’s got potency. How much do you wield?

What’s the size of your circle?
I fancy global dominance by three thousand.

Is that the longest term? Which class do you play in?
From first fumblings to hubris on ice. []

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Surplus Value

A refreshing sorbet between courses. The copywriter came up with ‘don’t ever be without a Trojan’. He was shot for incompetence.

If it clicks it clicks. I compose music for a future religion. Can the penis be categorised as a hand-held device for masturbation?

If you were like me I’d probably be as you were. In an idle state, he put down his thoughts. The appropriation of collective knowledge.

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