Everybody’s Hustling

Oct 22 2014

everybody's hustling

His latest work is at the locus of control between contemporary culture’s learned helplessness and mass production’s planned obsolescence.

The seduction of immediate consumption, along with its resulting hand-to-mouth futurism, is analyzed by Max Brand in Hype, Hustle, Get Rich Quick.

It’s a critical examination of post-pop art world’s potential trajectory. His work makes a statement because it does more than brand, copy, market, and elevate.

Ultimately, Hype, Hustle, Get Rich Quick shows just how easy it is to be had by misinterpreting capitalism’s optical tools for cogent representations of unfeigned visual culture.

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Work in Progress

Oct 22 2014

Literary Press wants contributions. A scam is a scam is a scam. I can’t believe there’s a Gertrude Stein award for fiction. Poor old Gertie must be turning in her grave. Please tell me I’m wrong.

Let’s see some urban art from Gaza. After all, Israel doesn’t exist. It’s an area of Palestine occupied by Jewish settlers.

I say NO! [Naive Optimism].

We fail to understand there’s nothing to understand.

The first eight entries on my FB news feed are from the prolific Max Brand. Or should that be profligate?

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