Porn Cocktail

Oct 23 2014

Cervical Orgasm

There are areas of the brain’s sensory cortex that light up when different parts of a woman’s sexual organs are stimulated. As well as the clitoris and vagina, the cervix [the rigid bottom end of the uterus] gets a brain response.

Do Women Prefer Big Cocks?

Men feel anxious when they enter the mating market. “Will my cock satisfy women?” Women who orgasm through vaginal stimulation may prefer longer penises.

The Line Between Consent & Rape

The accused argued that the girl was asking to be raped because she wore tight-fitting jeans. The girl would have had to help him take them off. Therefore the act was consensual sex.

Women Are Programmed for Pleasure

How many of us marry people with whom we’re not sexually compatible? We don’t value our sexual needs enough. Even ‘liberated’ women who fuck a lot before settling down experience this problem.

We unconsciously follow evolutionary psychology’s programme. Women are meant to be monogamous, bring up the babies and propagate the species. Men are meant to spread their seed.

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Caution: Haphazard Ahead

Oct 23 2014

Who’s in control? Screw the alter-ego. Let the id run riot.

Fear, Anxiety, Stay Alert

Still hitting the hay after all these years.

Advice for Facebook Abusers – If you throw enough shit at your wall some of it’ll stick.

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