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21st Century Impressions

The propaganda point. Honouring those who have fallen.

Memorial to justify ceaseless wars the West has waged.

Our war is noble. Theirs are nasty and brutish.

We go to war to create peace. Until the next.

We kill in the name of humanitarian intervention.

All Muslims are terrorists. I’ve been led to believe.

An agenda to demonize Muslims. Pump up the loathing.

Long-term imperial maintenance of the Middle East.

The Western renewal of the Cold War against Russia.

Islamic countries perceived as an existential threat.

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The Rabble Rises

The lumpen proletariat have been denied ways
to make a living without crass exploitation.

They’re forced to accept the grind of menial
poorly-paid jobs or resort to breaking the law.

Thieves, con artists, drug pushers, hackers,
prostitutes, loan sharks, beggars and thugs.

The general crisis of capitalism, reinforced by
cheap migrant labour, swells the lumpen ranks.

Neoliberalism increasingly displaces wage-earners
and small proprietors from the productive process.

It prevents disaffected proles from bothering to
find jobs, unable to accept severe market forces.

The lumpen proletariat doesn’t include those who
are unemployed, break the law or challenge order.

Those at the bottom of the heap have adopted
illegitimate means to undermine authority.

They probably number around ten percent in most
capitalist-driven economies. They’re the displaced.

The most impoverished and oppressed should be
the most revolutionary section of the population. []

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Grit Your Teeth and Be Happy

Do you want to create more success,
happiness and reward in your life?

Recent discoveries in positive psychology have
shown Clark’s formula isn’t just hyperbole.

He’s the world’s leading expert on the
connection between happiness and success.

We assume that if we work hard we’ll be
more successful and increasingly happy.

This is back-to-front. We should
start with well-being and happiness.

Minds in positive mode versus negative, neutral
or stressed modes give us an enormous advantage.

When we are positive, our brains
become more engaged and creative.

We are motivated, energetic, resilient, and
productive at work. This isn’t an empty mantra.

Learn to reprogramme your mind to become more
positive and have a competitive edge at work.

Discover how we can influence our minds and
embrace more happiness through daily activities.

The Happiness Surplus can help you to lead
a fulfilling, joyful and successful life .

You don’t want to continue living far beneath your
potential. Read his book: The Happiness Advantage

The Seven Pillars of Positive Psychology to
Fuel Success and Performance at Work []

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How to Stretch a Line

You’re happily distracted. I enjoy the abstract. Why? The treatise remains unwritten. Have your epiphany. Then you go and spoil it all. Idle thought is the moment. Imagine folly. Don’t execute it.

“Have you had a career?” “Not to speak of.” He lived on the whim. Cut and paste. You know he’d make a good copywriter. I wanted to be part of something bigger. Selling circus fleas in the market. []

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