Tethered Freedom

Do we stay put on the range?
You need a licence to kill.
Everything’s allowed within limits.

Take this boundary fence.
Aren’t you tempted to climb over it?

The guidebook sticks to the tarmac.
One knows the formless mess we’ll find.
It’s terribly disappointing.

Life turns out to be a theme park.
The karaoke version of born to be wild.

We’re got the freedom to go.
Wherever we like on this site.
Have you got the hard hat for it? []

Contact: crux36@gmail.com

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The Hack’s Progress

Anyway, what’s with the boy’s own paper stuff?

Wipe your arse and be done with it.

Isn’t it enough to know the danger of death?

There’s too much publicity.

The opening’s closer. It should alert us.

Instead we drown in depressants.

I don’t know about you.

I’m having a molotov cocktail.

There’ll be no one serving at my function.[]

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En Vogue

The dissident artist is a plaything of the bourgeois aesthete.

Tame the angry young man by giving him a platform.

A column, book deal, gallery space.

The avant-garde demands attention. That’s its downfall.

Easily appropriated for the price of an audience.

Outers name-drop the fashionable writer’s latest.

He’s approved to boast the narcissist’s self-esteem.

Pity the poor poet for being so earnest. []

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Performance Addiction

You’re aggressive towards me.

I’m a rival who threatens you’re beneath me.

I’m rarely roused by.

You’re not much of a challenge.

What about talent?

It clicks with some.

I can recognise soul when I feel it.

Don’t you mean when you want to?

You need the acknowledgement. []

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Get Each Other Engorged

He got up on one side of his head.

Anal sex has a certain brutish charm.

The vagina’s a more hospitable environment.

But she must be wet first. Where men fall down.

Fail to understand. Slips in, nice and easy.

You can’t put a limp penis into, Can you?

It’s the same for her. Roused before entry.

Stiff cock moist cunt. []

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