What is this?

Short avant-garde texts.

Experimental, conceptual.

Not quite poetry, no way a novel.


Others refer to compositions as briefs.

Also known as western dissident art.

Only five briefs are published.

Regularly, new briefs replace old.


If this grabs your attention.

Contact Ed Strong for more.

Trade enquiries welcome.

ed.strong[at] or social.

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Career Choice: Professional Agitator

Bishop said the various supposed anti-Lumpen organizations were really a witches brew of radical-left professional agitators seeking the downfall of our capitalist system and its replacement with a so-called socialist utopia.

“Don’t be fooled by the hundreds of groups now. Because it’s the radical left. What they want is not the usual identity issues. They want the downfall of the capitalist system.

“That’s what they want. They want to bring it down. Don’t say I haven’t warned you. It’s the communist revolution all over again.

“Instead of Students for a Democratic Society and all those drug-fuelled hippies in the 1960s, it’s the interconnectivity of the next generation of political extremist groups.”

On A Personal Note

Back in the day I went by the name Professional Agitator. The Orange Fuhrer had called me that on media outlets after one of his supporters viciously attacked me at a rally in Miami. []

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The Subversion of Bourgeois Idealism

The concept of writing as representation reinforces the feudal religious state and bourgeois capitalist democracy, the aristocratic hierarchy and utopian socialism. We must overthrow this fundamental prejudice, that the capitalist means of production is eternal and natural. We are victims of a teleological delusion. []

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Log On

Shift the blame. Same difference. Summarise.

If you wish to appear objective.

Assume the passive voice.

So it is said to be.

Have you seen his logbook?

It’s the opposite of anecdotal.

A combination of depth and space.

Get a copy from the local timber outlet.

“More self-promotion, eh? When will it end?”

What’s it like to be in front of?

Neolog, Nulog, Briefs, Creative Brief.

Inbrief, Experimental prose [expro]. []

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Digital Tart

I hadn’t thought about ways of coping for a long time.

What does someone like you grow towards?

Once the plum, now the prune.

That’s why the writer’s unavailable.

In another context, he was a digital artist.

Do you want the long or short version?

Inevitably, digitart. The neologist at work.

As the misogynist said to the feminist. []

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Call Me Daddy

Pederast in search of an innocent.

To lead him into temptation.

An ancient practice among homosexuals.

An older man will teach a young boy.

About the world and sodomize him.

A coveted commodity the pretty slave boy.

The upper classes of Roman society.

Sexual insertion with boys.

Pederast priests preying on teens.

Lured into homosexual experimentation. []

André Gide:

I love boys with a sensual curiosity, a voluptuousness, a foolish-
ness. It has often led me to run after them as if I were their age, staying out too long in the rain to help find a ball.

I remember tarrying with B. in a haystack, my clothes full of bits of straw because I could not resist his pure blue eyes.

To destroy the pederasty [within you] is to destroy you as well, your whole nature and personality. Yet the puritans condemn it.

I think pederasty is a good thing, that such affection can spring up between man and boy to stir affectionate friendship where in each can find exaltation, protection, and challenge.

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