There’s a long history of this. French 1960s far-right movements.

Labeled the Algerian immigration an invasion.

Systematic race mixing is a slow genocide.

Fearing a future France occupied by hordes.

Twenty million Maghrebi Arabs and Negro-Africans.

Before that, National Socialism in Germany.

There’s a growing nationalist movement in Amnesia.

The F-word coalesces round a mystical nationalism.

Fusing the symbols of superiority with those of Christianity.

Which denigrates reason and elevates mass emotions.

It speaks the language of violence and demonizing foreigners.

Diluting the purity of the white race.

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Personal Column

You use social intercourse as a means to your ends.

Station identification. Must you be so fucking masculine?

I’m used as a receptacle.

In which you satisfy a need to be noticed.

Our relationship’s fallen into a male/female stereotype.

I’m the fishwife who’s got to put up.

With her husband’s tales from the sea.

Am I boring you? He rarely thinks to ask.

As he is in real life [sexual intercourse].

You’re here to satisfy yourself.

I’m expected to gratify your ego.

On the other hand, you could seduce me.

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The Power of Propaganda

Our rulers are well-versed in redirecting resentment and fury.

They need a reliable scapegoat: the alien.

Rather than tackle home-grown discontent – low wages.

Unemployment, addiction to opiates, class discrimination.

Democracy has a well-oiled propaganda machine.

We’re conditioned to demonise the poor immigrant.

Capitalism needs the gradation of human value.

Exploitation for economic accumulation.

This inequality is based on race and class.

The non-white immigrant enters at the base of the pyramid.

This hierarchy produces antagonism and conflict.

Readily channeled into populist jingoism.

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Display of Wealth

Conspicuous consumption is the spending of money.

Acquiring luxury goods and services to show off.

The economic power and accumulated wealth of the buyer.

Investors acquire wealth not just for its implied consumption.

Of greater value is the resulting social status.

This desire for wealth is the spirit of capitalism.

The implications for consumption, savings and stock prices.

Investors care about relative social status.

The desire to consume and take risks.

What’s the point if you don’t display wealth.

Manifesting one’s social power and prestige.

The spirit of capitalism is the driving force.

It lies behind behind constant stock-market volatility.

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His Authority

Is my uncertainty authentic? It must be clear I deal in.

Like me, take a leap out of the ordinary.

At the drop of a voice. Is there a point?

Like selling salvation to the unconvertible.

I must remember to be here. At which point.

I’ve been brought down to save your species.

This isn’t the confirmation you expected.

You’re a worm in the whole. Where one represents many.

I’m trying to get a rise out of you.

What does the patter remind us of?

The point is, I doubt. You’re content with being.

Why should you change to me?

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