Carrie Kature Uber-Celebrity

Mar 01 2015

Carrie Kature, ├╝ber-celebrity, sat down with us for an intimate chat about drugs:

    I’ve tried just about every drug out there but E [Ecstasy] is the only one I actually enjoyed.

    It’s incredible. The effects last for hours. It gives you the most intense feelings It’s hard to describe.

    Half hour after you take the tab there’s this fucking rush followed by a sense of pure bliss.

    It always produces positive feelings, empathy for those around me and wipes out my anxiety problems.

    It really relaxes you. That’s why we use ‘chill-out’ to describe the fantastic effect.

    Of course it does include crappy stuff like teeth clenching. I always have a pacifier to suck on.

    You can always spot an E-user. They have that paradise-found look. The ecstatic experience.

    The come-down can be a real bitch. A weekend of clubbing leaves you tired. By Wednesday you’re on a bummer.

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Fame by Date

Mar 01 2015

He wants to be on top of popular culture.
His shot at the title.

Now we go over to.
Opportunity boils for a three-minute ego.

We’re always being left at stations in life.
To think he hoped to reach the end of this line.

As you can see by his self-conception.
If the art works, get down to it.

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