Exploiting Children for Propaganda

A native girl being protected by the white man.

The civilised can feel good about themselves.

Protecting a helpless child from savages.

A historic racist narrative has been embedded.

Journalists and politicians were falling over.

Only too eager to comment on the case.

The story of an innocent brown child who was shot.

By savages for demanding an education.

The knight in shining armour to save her.

Actions of the West, the bombings, the occupations.

The wars all seem justified now. See, we told you.

This is why we intervene to save the natives.

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On Behalf of

Can’t you add anything? I’ve got this compulsion.

I disturb others. I mean, let’s fight for freedom.

I include terrorists. If it shakes and stirs.

If you want to be refined about it. I’m trying to provoke.

You do want stimulation, don’t you? That’s why I’m here.

If everything’s the case. Don’t complain.

When I disturb you volunteered. There was no coercion.

It’s my art [of persuasion]. I want to fit you up.

Open your orifice. I want to see the froth.

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The impostor phenomenon occurs among high achievers unable to internalize and accept their success. They often attribute their accomplishments to luck rather than ability, fearing others will eventually unmask them as frauds.

Many who feel like impostors grew up in families with an emphasis on achievement. Parents who swing from praise
to criticism. This can increase fraudulent feelings later in life. The relentless pressure to compete is toxic material.

American culture creates huge pressure to achieve. Self-worth becomes contingent on that. No one wants to talk about the the hierarchy. Impostor syndrome is a pseudo-medical name for a class problem. A strictly taboo subject.

Far from being the product of a pathology, what’s more likely is that impostor syndrome is a natural reaction of anyone from a working-class, disadvantaged or minority background to the various biases they face on a daily basis.

We should consider some of the less-noticed but excessively harmful permutations of a deeply classist society. We need to abandon the idea that the problem is in our minds. It’s a deeply entrenched system of subtle bias and discrimination.

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How do politicians reassure the public they aren’t all.

A bunch of corrupt, self-serving money-grubbing.

Power-hungry crooks? Four in 10 responders think.

Politicians are either crooks, liars or a waste of time.

Many find the media’s political coverage élitist.

Targeted at the political establishment.

White middle-class, middle-aged men arguing.

With other white, middle-class, middle-aged men.

In a secret shared language.

Responses include politicians are out for themselves.

And don’t care about those beyond the capital.

Expanding egos, putting themselves above others.

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The Plumber

I read the signs.

She was the sort who complained to management.

When the prob went too far.

It’s happened before.

The slap of rejection

She scratched. I’m out of a job.

Haven’t you noticed.

Judgment sides with the client.

Good morning, madam I’m your service engineer.

Would you like your head cleared?

So long as you don’t disturb me.

I’m afraid that’s impossible.

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