What is this?

Short avant-garde texts.

Experimental, radical.

Not quite poetry, more abstract.


Others refer to compositions as briefs.

Also known as western dissident art.

Only five briefs are published.

Regularly, new briefs replace old.


If this grabs your attention.

Contact Ed Strong for more.

Trade enquiries welcome. or @mustbed

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Newest Knitting Pattern

The same feminist collective who chooses to stay up late
knitting pink pussy hats so they can spend one Saturday
morning a year marching in the cold as a plea to protect
constitutionally granted rights are rooting for her too. []

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On Being

He slipped into her envelope. Would you take part in me?

A propositional act. Think of coarse war. Lungs versus liver.

We’ll sweep down. Seduce their young on suburban lawns.

In the shade. I’m a mercenary. This may shock you can have me.

I want my expenses. He promised his reader. I’m going to get.

A torrid night from the sexual stroke [before this ends].

I’m less sharp. Should growth come before age?

Anyway, you need less deliberation. “What’re you up to?”

“Being an artist.” It’d be simpler to liberate. []

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My Girlfriend Busted

my girlfriend busted

She used her beauty salon to mask a
lucrative coke and weed-dealing ring.

It was the culmination of more than a
year of covert operations. As well as
running a well-known tanning salon,
she was the head of one of the biggest
drug-dealing syndicates in the north.

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Rational Liberal

I’m pretty certain he’s no enthusiast for Foucault, psychoanalysis, agitprop, Dadaism, anarchism or conceptual art. They’d be as distasteful to his brisk, bloodless rationality as the virgin birth.

It’s possible to be an atheist and a fervent fan of avant-gardes. His God-hating isn’t the view of a scientist cleansed of prejudice.

It belongs to a specific cultural context. There aren’t many supporters of anarchism or the virgin birth in liberal suburbia.

A brand of common sense mostly believes in what’s reasonable. The provincial philistines smugly gather to toast themselves.

Such sensible people! They advocate permissiveness so long as it doesn’t hurt others. It’s white line, middle of the road, safely lip-synching liberal platitudes. Late remains Christian piety. []

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Take the Piss

take the piss

Wonder Woman Pauses for Pee

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