Programmed Elements

To leave randomness at a predetermined point.

Can you do it from the supine position?

Express purpose with verbs of motion.

Why should they monopolise prophets?

It started fifteen billion years ago.

Help me, Doctor! I’m getting universal.

It ends in remote but forseeable futures.

That’s your trouble You’re so fucking cosmological!

All this crap about transcendent levels of being.

Beyond but no incompatible with science.

Don’t make me laugh! As a protein strives towards nucleic acid.

Can universes be preceded by indefinite articles?

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Idle Talk

Should the pig be headed? Is the prophet cryptic?

It’s easy for you to talk.

I’ve got to get on with myself.

Have you taken that into consideration?

I’ve just about shed all the light.

Nothing matters more.

We know it’s only a facsimile.

Were you, last time you checked?

He went about his purpose without one.

I suppose it gave him a sense of.

When asked he was composing himself.

I’m trying to put together a character.

He was the grand pontificator.

Have you seen the man of meaning recently?

If I were you should. That goes without saying.

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Change of Face

Your glow’s disconcerting. You’ll lose me.

I succeed you suppose I like to learn new routines.

What works? Cracks in the wall.

He went on trial and error.

I’ve sharpened the same blade a thousand times.

I’d better mention my marketing blitz.

You label impure motivation where there’s none.

Paranoia makes you right. It’s time you turned over.

How much do you want to own of me?

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Saturated with Simulacra

Porn isn’t real. It’s manufactured for masturbation.

Advertising works on the same principle.

Both porn and ads draw us into a fantasy world.

Neither bears any resemblance to reality.

Commercials for cars look sexy, seem bigger.

Promising immediate gratification. Porn does the same.

Porn satisfies sexual fantasies. The fear of losing control,

Releasing the libido. We’re turned on by our minds.

Consuming porn provides a simulacrum of sexual pleasure.

Sexual excitement like laughter is contagious.

It rouses us, directly and indirectly producing orgasm.

Porn lets us explore taboos and fantasize so-called perversions.

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Gratuitous Stereotypes

The white working class have been reconstructed.

Unthinking and unrecognisable zombies following demagogues.

No longer romanticized as the ‘people’ challenging inequality.

Monstrous caricatures of race, class and gender attitudes.

While wealth [unearned income] is increasingly concentrated.

The bourgeois retainers soak up the overspill.

Generalize the white working classes as mindless zombies.

Xenophobic and racist. It’s not surprising.

They get bitter, clinging to guns or religion.

Antipathy towards people who aren’t like them.

Anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade.

Those to blame for their frustrations.

Liberal disparagement of so-called whites is acceptable

They cling to the past. A basket of deplorables.

If you’re intolerant, if you’re a racist or bigot.

Increasingly the butt of popular caricature.

Demented and tattooed right-wing white nihilists.

Sometimes inept buffoons. Hicks from the sticks.

Those with real white privilege can alleviate guilt.

Their racialist ideologies by expressing outrage.

The supposedly unrepentant hillbillies and lumpens.

Life is too confusing. It helps to demonized an other.

A clinger-and-deplorable class as the root cause.

Well-meaning whites care in a naïve, condescending way.

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