Guess What

You shouldn’t move in. I’ve got a speculative temper.

I’d be a terrible nag. Will you stop starting things?

You wouldn’t know what to do if you did.

There’s more than enough detail.

You’ve no idea how to be restful.

It’s all in the mind.

I can’t stay now. I’ve picked up the scent.

I’m taking off without revealing anything.

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On Board

Let’s play the game. It’s in my name.

I want to be austere and silent in a labour camp.

Give me some ground in which to clear myself.

From gym to church. To stay fit and find comfort.

There’s always the illusion of.

Are you sure there’s no chance?

Do you want to know how I got to be where I am?

As eyes roll. I fell out fortuitously.

There’s nothing reasonable. What’s without doubt?

I’ve got the gift. In your dialect, excessive.

There’s no blue beyond the pale.

What if it feels good? In the I of the imaginist.

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Game & Match

I’m here to give the side away. Do you thing I deceive you?

Nothing compares to yourself.

I’m in this game to show the one you’re playing.

If only you were aware of. Let it pass.

Try putting yourself in my right.

You must see the wrong in this light.

How many aspects does it take to solve the problem?

Is there an object to this game?

To make you vulnerable. I’m already.

You’ve more than got a grip of yourself.

I’m so unsure. I pretend to be.

Yet, here I am, attempting to woo you.

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Programmed Elements

To leave randomness at a predetermined point.

Can you do it from the supine position?

Express purpose with verbs of motion.

Why should they monopolise prophets?

It started fifteen billion years ago.

Help me, Doctor! I’m getting universal.

It ends in remote but forseeable futures.

That’s your trouble You’re so fucking cosmological!

All this crap about transcendent levels of being.

Beyond but no incompatible with science.

Don’t make me laugh! As a protein strives towards nucleic acid.

Can universes be preceded by indefinite articles?

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Idle Talk

Should the pig be headed? Is the prophet cryptic?

It’s easy for you to talk.

I’ve got to get on with myself.

Have you taken that into consideration?

I’ve just about shed all the light.

Nothing matters more.

We know it’s only a facsimile.

Were you, last time you checked?

He went about his purpose without one.

I suppose it gave him a sense of.

When asked he was composing himself.

I’m trying to put together a character.

He was the grand pontificator.

Have you seen the man of meaning recently?

If I were you should. That goes without saying.

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