Solicitation Artist

An unsolicited example.

There’s nothing about me.

But I make an exception for you.

I live in retreat.

Running the organic herb foundation.

I would appear to be the case.

Hype & Hustle.

Qualities prized in Amnesia.

All you need are cataracts.

You grope without doubt. []

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Of Whom It Was Said

Bohemian Whore

Brainwash Industrialist

Self-Conscious Prophet

Anti-Inculcation Specialist

Manicured Pederast

Ineffectual Chases Causes.

Disingenuous Preacher

Mind As If It Matters. []

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Bourgeois Order

Let us pray. Care, conform, cultivate. []

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A Series of Series

How to get out of a Rut by Ditch Digger

You know what. Is that a question?

Just getting your attention. Try changing direction.

The repetition of life breeds contempt.

Everything that’s happened had to get to this point.

Would the self-conscious artist have a résumé?

The suppression of unacceptable behaviour.

Insatiable experience. Saws for sale. []

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That Which Stimulates

So, you see what I’m up to. By running you down I sharpen my vision. It’s always my advantage. Terms of reference.

I sneeze in hope. You catch the infection. Is there any doubt that? Does the self justify? Do you consider yourself?

Is a scientist smug? Does panic attack? What was the original question? I’m brought up on charges of negativity. []

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