Privileged Lounger

brutal asceticism – baroque aestheticism

Opposite a blindly obedient wage slave is the exotic idler, a self-pleasuring parasite for whom the realisation of man’s essential powers is simply a justification for of his disorderly existence, whimsical ways, random notions and dreams of posterity.

worker – devastated by need

bourgeois lounger – crippled by lack of it.

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Today’s Subjectivity

The sentimentalist displays a self-induced view of reality. How he feels about it overrides what is actually true. He confuses his subjective feelings of reality with reality itself.

In the early 21st century a few creators considered all their work to be incomplete. The nature of cultural conditioning was linear with a start, middle and end. The incomplete challenged structure, direction and meaning.

There’s no objectivity in the language game. Given that can’t be asserted. My explanatory framework’s as truthful as yours.

Individualism goes over the edge. Meaning becomes fluid, subjective. There is nothing left to grasp beyond ourselves.

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The Daily Delusion

How little we need sleep has become a symbol of our prowess.
No element of our lives not improved by getting adequate sleep.
She came to the epiphany we need rest after burning herself out.

A diverse and successful career in the public eye.
She’s been a best-selling author, lecturer,
columnist, political wife, political candidate,
conservative turned liberal and with her creation
of The Daily Delusion entrepreneur and media mogul.

Unsurprisingly, she’s turned her evangelism for rest
and renewal into a company called Learn to Thrive.

Its stated mission: provide companies and individuals
with sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance
well-being, performance and purpose to fit and survive. []

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The Point Being

check me out
phallocentrist climbs wall
slow steady decadent phase
rough trade with indies
fall into jugular trance
he who seeks pleasure
the soul of a slave
postgraduate master of flashes
the mixer fixated
poststructuralist fashion
the best of funk import
come catch us []

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Quite Frankly

Don’t dismantle others.

You can’t undress yourself.

The first thing I learnt at my housemaid’s knee.

Wise guys see their delusions.

I go by the name of mocking myself.

You could’ve fooled me.

I feel my latest smokescreen coming on.

The power of self-deception.

To make it stick like joy. []

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