Select from the Following

What’s your art? Condensation.

Sex in the morning [simply sensational].

He woke up engorged. Likewise, her lair.

What would we be like?

Everyone had sex before going to work.

Would we get there? I won’t exert myself.

When adrenaline pumps. There seems to be.

A choice between anxiety and inspiration.

He feared challenge. Doubtful of his certainty.

We’re bound to be pips in the same orange.

Are you nervous or excited. It depends. Exactly.

Several things compressed into one symbol.

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To Be Borne In Mind

You’re safely stabled. I’ve bolted into the blue.

You enlarge as a member of the popular front for.

There’s less risk in backing a certainty.

Where’s the stimulation?

We evolve through mental selection.

For the sake of promiscuity.

How many thoughts does it take in a lifetime?

Isn’t chance the finest thing?

In case of senile delinquency.

In mind we bear. I’m your interpretation.

I don’t know what to think of myself.

I can’t maintain a stance.

I move in exposures. Orthodoxy keeps you still.

I speak the deviate’s dialect.

You must be straight and narrow.

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Stop on By

Paul Stickler’s Radical Gesture.

The “corporate wing of the Democratic Party”.

We need a generic term which pulls everything together.

Political capitalism is one in which the economic.

And political élite cooperate for their mutual benefit.

One influences the government’s economic policies.

Regulation, government spending, design of the tax system.

To maintain their élite status in the economy.

The political élite are then supported by the economic élite.

Helping the political elite maintain its status.

An exchange relationship benefiting both élites.

Sprinkle with stardust and call it Democracy.

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Follow Directions

We’ve been decelerated. If apes admit chaos why don’t we?

Admittedly, you’ve got to concentrate.

Naturally, I select. Thus, we progress.

I’m playing a part. I don’t read between the lines.

We could call god [remote control].

I’ll itemise. You do the links.

Can’t you see I’m in the midst of?

Look on this as a work sheet. You fill the blanks.

I bet you want to be told [what to do?].

Well, it’s difficult to come up with a title.

I mean, if you handle serious newsprint.

You’ll think like it too.

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Action Hero Jingoism

That headline. It could so easily be “America’s Bullying

Is Becoming a Danger to the World and Itself”

Dubbed “wolf-warrior diplomacy,” the increasingly strident.

Tone against Fukus is popular inside China,

Reinforcing a transition of Chinese diplomacy

From conservative, passive, and low-key.

To assertive, proactive and high-profile jingoism.

Wolf Warrior is a Chinese action blockbuster

Special operation forces track down American mercenaries.

Boosting national pride and patriotism among the masses.

Like the propaganda value of Rambo’s media franchise.

The wonders of our Democracy, a manipulated product.

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