What is this?

Short avant-garde texts.

Experimental, conceptual.

Not quite poetry, no way a novel.


Others refer to compositions as briefs.

Also known as western dissident art.

Only five briefs are published.

Regularly, new briefs replace old.


If this grabs your attention.

Contact Ed Strong for more.

Trade enquiries welcome.

ed dot strong at gmx dot com

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Needless Order

Uncategorised / Abstraction / Anti-Capitalism / Avant Prose

Bourgeois Democracy / Briefs / Class War / Conceptual Writing

Condensation / Consumer Culture / Doubt / Experimental

Extraction / Faction / Flash Fiction / Grammar / Iconoclast

Idiom / Individualism / Indoctrination / Life on the Web

Media Propaganda / Photowork / Pop Art / Sexual / Simulation

Social Media / Text / The Conceptualist / Western Propaganda

What’s this about? Check the categories above.

It’s a new form of fiction. Short bursts.

How many takes make a scene? I don’t know which one I’m in.

This site is devoted to disturbing the peace.

If you’re looking for sex come here. []

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Not Me Again

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The quest for spiritual fulfillment and career satisfaction.

We’ll ask how strongly you agree or disagree with each statement.

Enjoy this remarkable, interactive, multi-media experience.

We’ll guide you through the 10 Life Categories one by one.

Creating thought-provoking content and deep self-reflection.

You define what you want in every important area of your life.

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Caught in the Act

Is naive optimism tautological? Is all optimism naive?

No more than imagination.

Cunt is the only word for the complete female genital package

[vulva + vagina]. So, some respect, please.

I thought of putting under job description flagrant.

The term ‘flaming’ might be more appropriate in your case.

Camp or rude? I go for flamboyant.

Since you put it that way.

In flagrante delicto perhaps. []

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After All

He was seriously close to getting over. Why do I seem to be useless? An act of contrition. You can’t display like that’s indecent.

I see you found me. If god’s the father, I’m a mocker. Who’s on coarse in this slang? I show others the contempt I feel for myself.

I’m tearing apart in the event of. Why be hopeful? It’ll never happen. Can I hold you to that? After all it’s said and done. []

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You’ve caught me in a flustered state.

What’s wrong with being jittery?

It’s good for you express more.

I’m a fitter in Euphoria. Can I get you anything?

The programme functions. Is it to calm us?

On route to oblivion. We reason for survival. []

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