I’d rather seduce than hope for reproduction.

The means by which I push you aside.
Not that I want to quash you.

What did she make of it?
Her feathers were ruffled.

I’m just thinking out loud. You realize.

While squatting he was occupied.

Has the subject been raised yet?
You seem surer than I. []


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Make-Believe Friends

We’ve become seriously addicted to ourselves.

Stroking egos in solitude, we make-believe

friends on neural networks. [pace Walter Benjamin] []

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Are You Experienced?

Let’s settle this sensibly. We’ll have a transcendental
argument about the conditions necessary for experience.
A ramble in obsessive concern with subjective life.

Is that what this is? The metaphysics of loneliness. A selfish individualism. Is the cult of personality something to celebrate? []

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Old Hip-Hop Saying

The Quicker You Climb The Faster You Fall []

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The Confidence Game

The number one question brands ask today is ‘how do we create content for the social web?’ Our answer is curation.

Percalate bubbles up interesting content from around the web and presents it back to a brand editor who repeats himself and adds a comment then sends it out to social channels and websites.

Brands have spent the last three years collecting fans and followers on social platforms. The challenge is how to create enough content across those channels to keep consumers engaged without their knowing the purpose is product reinforcement.

The first step is to map the brand’s interests and campaign goals against a subset of the five million sources Percalate scrapes daily.

By answering a series of questions we turn a brand strategy into the interest engine that will power your brand’s Percalator.

Unlike most systems, Percalate gets better at filtering as you give it more information. Now you know how glib we are.

We use our proprietary algorithms to sort all the stories from your calibrated sources and bubble up only the most relevant and interesting content for an editor to comment on.

We will wipe your arse for you, pick your nose and change your clients’ nappies, giving free blow jobs to those of you who sign up.

There’s nothing a brand presents to consumers without first being touched up by ourselves. We have the confidence to trick you.
All you need do is play the whore with potential clients.

The Game Plan. Percalate can help parade your brands to achieve success. Content as marketing is the future. It drives distribution.

Brands want curation and help shaping a voice. Percalate does this. First the hype, then the sell. It’s fucking capitalism, isn’t it? []

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